Important to stay hydrated

It was another fantastic scorcher of a weekend. On Sunday, when I hopped into the lake shortly after 6 a.m., the temperature on the fish finder was reading 74.6 F.
For an overnight temperature, I was really surprised.
It’s seemed like ages since we’ve experienced such hot weather, but looking back to The Weather Network, I discovered our recent daily temperatures were close to all-time records.
We didn’t set a record this past Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, but we approached those record-setting temperatures that were recorded in 1983 and 2002.
It is almost by tradition that the annual Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship heralds one of the hottest weeks in the area.
I was going fishing Sunday with my son and we had agreed to an early start. Given Saturday’s temperature, we wanted to be off the lake by early afternoon.
On a day like Sunday, one can become dehydrated very quickly. We packed three litres of water for five hours of fishing—and we ran out. And the lake water was warm to drink.
As chairman of the FFCBC, one of the concerns of the committee is that the volunteers can become dehydrated. The spotters on the lake, as well as those manning the Pither’s Point Park dock, will consume almost 1,000 bottles of water.
The volunteers working on the site and the docks at the Sorting Gap Marina will drink even greater quantities of water, which is provided free to those volunteering. It is a significant expense for the tournament, but one that is very necessary.
We encourage the competing anglers to drink lots of water out on the lake. We also encourage our volunteers, and the fishermen, to wear sunscreen and hats.
On a day like Sunday, it also is important to stay cool. I accomplished this by jumping into the water. No doubt it is something that many fishermen also will do to get cool during tournament days.
Driving back into town Sunday afternoon, all the docks along the upper river were filled with youths jumping into the water. They, too, were seeking relief from the heat and sun.
This week, the FFCBC site will begin going up. The volunteers will start this evening (Wednesday) and by early tomorrow afternoon, the big tent will be up.
One of our first deliveries will be water for the volunteers.

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