Ice candles beautiful at cemetery this year

I hope everyone has spent the last few days enjoying good company and good food. We certainly have!
And how about the weather? I don’t think we could have asked for better conditions to travel around to visit family and friends.
Alas, I feel that we’re likely going to pay for this good weather just like we do at other times of the year!
• • •
Lovely Louise and I ventured out to the Emo Cemetery to help with the ice candles. But the course of action was a bit different this year!
Since the snow was so deep, Deb Z. decided to arrange to candles along the front side of the cemetery and down the three entrances. It was much easier to arrange and light the candles.
The weather was perfect, as well–no wind, nice temperature, and no heavy snowflakes. When we left, all 100 candles were going and it looked beautiful.
On our way home from Stratton, near midnight, we decided to swing by and check the display. It was breath-taking as all 100 candles still were glowing perfectly.
A big thank you to Deb Zimmerman for organizing this, and Lyle Gill for making all the ice candles and having them ready for us at the cemetery.
• • •
I finally finished my Christmas letter and cards, and managed to get them in the mail a few days before Christmas. Most people will get to enjoy my news for New Year’s!
I also was trying to plan out cow feeding so I didn’t have to do it on Christmas Day.
That worked out, but I seemed to not plan so well for my calves and I did end up having to feed them. But since the calves are in the yard, it doesn’t consume too much time.
We also stayed home on Christmas Day and this allowed for more time, as well.
My dad’s family joined us for Christmas dinner. We had a much smaller crowd this year, but still had a wonderful visit. With a smaller crowd, it warranted a nice chance to catch up and, of course, plenty of food.
• • •
Santa certainly was good to me. I never really think that I need anything, but I’m always pleased with what everyone chooses for me.
My cows will be happy because we got a new pressure washer (this is how they get a bath for the Emo Fair).
And I know that everyone thought I wouldn’t be able to break myself away my BlackBerry, but now I have something as equally as cool–an iPod Touch! Wow, it is simply amazing!
• • •
The girls (M + M) are enjoying themselves in Florida. We have been able to Skype a few times with them (my Internet isn’t too great out here in the bush).
Marlee did tell me, “I wanna come!” So I think she is ready to come home and farm or trap. They both are nicely tanned already, but when we chatted earlier in the week, it was down to five Celsuis (almost like home!)
We are looking forward to their return.
• • •
Once we are done visiting (and eating) this week, I have to get back to work. It seems that you easily can slip into the holiday mode and need to pull yourself back into your routine.
I am retiring from 4-H, so I have a whole corner of my basement that I need to pack and haul to Pinewood!
Wishing everyone a Happy “Moo” Year!

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