How well do you know Canada?

How well do we know Canada? It is a question that haunts me.
For July 1, I’ve decided to create a little quiz.
I thought I was fairly up to date in my general knowledge of the country in which I live. But putting this quiz together, I discovered that, in many ways, my understanding of our geography is limited, and parts of the history of Canada and the work of its political leaders is beyond me.
I hope I am not alone.
This coming Tuesday marks the 141st birthday of this country when Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick came together to forge “Kanata” (now Canada).
This week will be marked by the Thompson Brigade honouring David Thompson, who mapped more than two million square miles of Canada and created the road map of rivers for others to follow.
Thompson passed through this area more than once making his way from Montreal to the far west. If he were an American hero, he would be greater than Lewis and Clark or Daniel Boone.
His impact was as great, or greater, than those three Americans.
< *c>Canada Day quiz
1. Who was Canada’s first prime minister?
2. What was the last area to be named a territory as part of Canada?
3. What was the last province to become part of Canada?
4. Who is the current premier of Saskatchewan?
5. Who is the currant Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba?
6. Who is the only female prime minister?
7. When did Canada celebrate its centennial?
8. Who was the teen idol who had a hit single “Diana”?
9. Which major Canadian City is located on the island of Vancouver?
10. Where is the driest place in Canada?
11. What is the largest animal native to Canada?
12. What was the first national park to be established in Canada?
13. What is Canada’s highest mountain?
14. What is the highest waterfall in Canada?
15. What was the first province to establish a hospital insurance plan?
16. What province established the first Ombudsman?
17. What is the official tree of Ontario?
18. What is the largest province in Canada?
19. Who is Canada’s current prime minister?
20. What prime minister passed the Canadian Bill of Rights?
21. In what year did the Trudeau government pass the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
22. Who was the prime minister of Canada during World War II?
23. How many territories and provinces make up Canada?
24. Who is the current sitting member of Thunder Bay-Rainy River?
25. Who is the current Assembly of First Nations national chief?
< *c>Answers
1. Sir John A. Macdonald 2. Nunavut 3. Newfoundland 4. Brad Wall 5. John Harvard 6. Kim Campbell 7. 1967 8. Paul Anka 9. Victoria 10. Arctic Bay (Nunavut) 11. Bison or North American Buffalo 12. Banff 13. Mount Logan 14. Della Falls (British Columbia) 15. Saskatchewan 16. Alberta 17. White Pine 18. Quebec 19. Stephen Harper 20. John Diefenbaker 21. 1982 22. William Lyon Mackenzie King 23.13 24. Ken Boshcoff 25. Phil Fontaine

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