Hoping to get plowing this week

At the agricultural research station in Emo, we managed to bale up our plots and get them moved off during the week.
One of the spots I was baling was right near the highway; and I think I had 50 calls of people looking for straw.
Doing anything along the highway always results in lots of comments. You need to plant straight, plow straight, and keep the grass well-trimmed.
Now I’m hoping the weather will co-operate this week and I will be able to start plowing (cross your fingers that will go well).
• • •
My boyfriend/partner, my almost step-son, and my brother did get to go hunting! My boyfriend/partner’s hand is still not that great, but at least he got out.
My almost step-son shot his first calf. All and all, they had a great weekend.
• • •
I’m still working at catching up at home, where I have a long list of things to get done before winter.
I managed to work late on Friday night–mainly on 4-H and writing thank-yous for my birthday (I still like to send and receive “real” mail).
I once read that the art of sending letters and thank-yous will be lost with the new ways of communication, but no so with in my family–we still like to send cards and notes.
Then on Saturday, I ended up doing some fencing—a job that was not on the list but the deer wreak havoc on certain parts of my electric fence. They seem to like to move in closer to my barnyard now (likely in hopes of me keeping them from my brother).
I went to town and picked up Maddie and Marlee, who were coming out for a sleep-over. Marlee was sleeping when I arrived, so we had to wait for her to wake up. But since that didn’t happen, we had to wake her up.
Maddie didn’t sleep because she was afraid she would miss me, so then 10 minutes from home she feel asleep. Since our timing was off, we didn’t get much farm time in that evening.
Lately, Maddie has been asking if she could meet Karma’s “real” mom (Karma is my dog). She keeps asking, “Where is Karma’s real mom. Not you but her real mom?”
On the drive to the country, she wanted to know if we would have time to go to Winnipeg to meet Karma’s real mom. I told her that we wouldn’t have time, especially since she and Marlee had to be back to town early for a birthday party.
“We won’t have much time this visit,” I told her. She responded, “It’s okay, Auntie Kimmie, I promise we will come back again.”
I really noticed how many more words Marlee is saying. Poor kid, it is all farm talk (well, farm talk or hunting).
Both girls are trained to watch for big bucks.
• • •
Sunday morning was busy as Maddie and I had to sneak out of the house to go farming (Grandpa had to entertain Marlee so she didn’t feel bad that we were ditching her).
Maddie and I first had to move all the calves into the corral since they needed to be moved to drier ground and be de-wormed (Ivomec). We did that, with her being a big help and very little troubles (she feels very proud when she helps).
We then decided to place out some bales for our bale grazing. That takes a fair amount of time, so we had lots of tractor time together. We ended up seeing two deer very close and they didn’t run away, so Maddie got a real good look. First she wondered if we should “shock” (nicer way of saying shoot) them or just tell daddy. We decided to just tell daddy.
We then saw a wolf and he also stood so Maddie could check him out, as well. She was a bit more concerned about him before he finally ran off.
When we got off the tractor to go and get the cows, Maddie wondered if the wolf would come back and find us, but I assured her that he likely was looking for something to eat somewhere else.
She called the cows and they came running to greet us, and she was proud of her cow-calling skills.
Needless to say, I spent lots of time outside farming on Sunday, but I still need to get to my list of housework.
For instance, you can’t even see out my window (my house was sprayed for flies two months ago and I still haven’t had time to clean them).
Everyone reminds me the job will wait for you—and it is.

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