Hoping that summer finally is here to stay

I’m hoping that summer is here to stay now in Rainy River District!
We had a few frosty mornings and with the lack of heat, things have been staying pretty darn damp.
The 27 mm (1.08 inches) of rain we received last Thursday certainly made things pretty sloppy.
I wasn’t expecting to get that much rain. We did get on the land late Wednesday afternoon, but we still are a day or two from getting back out there.
My poor summer students still haven’t been able to see much of what we do, except cleaning and getting harvest bags ready for a later date.
My own barnyard is a mess, but the grass needs to get a bit further ahead of the cows before I let them out of the yard for the summer.
They are getting anxious, but I think it needs a bit of heat before I let them go.
• • •
The Rainy River District Environmental Stewardship Committee has been busy with its spring tree order again.
We ended up with 18,000 trees this spring and all but 1,480 jack pine have found a new home and hopefully planted.
We donated trees to many schools this year, so we are hoping some classes had an exciting field trip at some point as well as made a positive environmental effect on Rainy River District.
If you are interested in any jack pines, call me ASAP at 482-2354–they need to get in the ground.
They cost 25 cents per tree and they come in bundles of 20.
• • •
Sadly, in southwestern Alberta, they have had some very nasty weather this past spring and are recording 25 percent calf mortality losses.
This is tough; they are calving large numbers and calve at this time of the year precisely to avoid the nasty winter weather. They are not set up to be able to house their animals, which is why they choose to calve at this time of the year.
I feel for them and hope things improve quickly.
The niece of my boyfriend/partner is out there and experiencing first-hand this difficult season.
• • •
I attended my first Rainy River District Trappers’ Council meeting on Friday. It is exciting that trappers in parts of the district have been given a lynx quota.
They also held elections, with Rob Brandrick being their new president. And they have a great bunch of directors.
The council is planning a Martin building box day for Sept. 11.
• • •
Marlee turned two on Saturday! She was pretty pleased that it was her special day.
Both girls’ birthdays are this month and so we are planning a “farm birthday party” in a few weeks.
Maddie ended up coming home with us because she wanted to do some farm work.
Marlee was upset so we now are going to try and convince her that if she starts pooping and peeing in the toilet, she can come and stay with Auntie Kimmie, too (I still don’t do diapers or runny noses).

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