Holiday did help re-charge my battery

Well, I had my holiday. My girlfriend told me to think of it as “recharging your battery!”
I think I am re-charged—and it’s a good thing because there is lots of work to be done.
As you might have been noticing, it’s the time of year to get your manure out and your plowing done.
I really would like to get the manure out, but this last round of rain will make this difficult. It is darn wet and if we don’t get any rain until next spring, that will be soon enough.
I’m still hoping to make a few more square bales, as well.
I hauled my cattle home from the Blackhawk pasture, and my calves need to be vaccinated this week for the protocol sale on Oct. 2.
I still have cattle to bring home from my Grandma’s, but that is close and quick. With the shorter evenings now, you don’t get nearly as much work done after work!
I’m hoping to let the corral dry up for a couple of days before I run everyone through it. I am feeding five steers and I had to move them out to drier ground (I don’t like to be too dirty when soon they are going to become food).
• • •
We ended up coming home from the lake on Thursday. We had completed the jobs we wanted to do there and decided we’d better get back to the real world.
We ending up heading straight to Fort Frances as we thought we might make it in time to see Maddie get off the bus from her first day of school.
We were a few minutes late, but still were able to share in the excitement of her first day! She was pretty proud of herself and had a great day.
Marlee, meanwhile, was pleased that she spent her first day at nursery school without her big sister!
• • •
I had a work-bee Saturday with other trappers and built nearly 200 marten nest boxes.
Nicko Veldhuisen generously opened up his shop, and we found our spot and built boxes all day. It was very impressive.
Marten like to nest in big hollow trees but with so much of the forest being cut, they are lacking the big trees.
It’s amazing how much work you can get finished when you work together!
• • •
We had a birthday party for my mom on Saturday night!
Last year she dropped her cake on the floor, so we were all bugging her about that when she darn near did them same thing when she tripped on Karma (my dog) laying on the floor.
• • •
Maddie was explaining that she only can take “nature” to show-and-tell this year. So we decided to try and find some red maple leaves.
I took her and Marlee to explore the leaf situation. While we were driving, Marlee asked, “What’s nature?”
“Mar, nature is what Auntie Kimmie and Clayton know the most about,” Maddie replied.
So at least in someone’s eyes we are experts!

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