Higher cattle prices left smiles

The cattle sale over the weekend in Stratton was a successful one. Cattle prices were up and this certainly left a few more smiles on people’s faces.
For the first time in a long time, our sale grossed more than $1 million! We had nearly 1,500 head and with the improved prices, we finally cracked that mark again.
We had some really nice bunches of spring calves. It looks like the rain and sun made some good feed which, in turn, grew us some good calves.
We still have one remaining sale on Oct. 30. We will have breeding stock at this sale, as well as cows, bulls, calves, and yearlings.
If you have any questions, be sure to give sales barn manager Clayton Teeple a call.
• • •
I weaned all my calves last week, as well. We decided to background all the steers and, of course, we kept some replacement heifers.
It was noisy for a few days (just as noisy as the sales barn). But on Sunday when we took the cows to fresh pasture, they forgot all about their calves.
Food works even with cattle; it cheered them right up.
The calves were making a lot of noise but that hasn’t stopped them from eating since we got them in the corral. They are cleaning up the hay quickly.
I still have to go pick up my calf in Stratton. He was the one that his mom got over on her back and died, and he went to a foster mom.
We likely are going to pick him up sometime this week, but we don’t think he will fit in the back seat of the truck now.
I was surprised at my weaning weights. I didn’t think the calves looked as big as last year, but they were pretty much the same—maybe even a bit more uniform.
We sold “Alice” at the Stratton sale. She was the cow that tried to kill you when she calved, so that should be a one less worry at that time of the year.
• • •
The weather is looking good for the week, so we are going to be busy here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station trying to get back on track again.
Keith (my new helper) has been busy picking and cleaning carrots, and I think he is ready to move on to a new job.
The frustrating part is I still have plots that are not ready to combine, but possibly a few sunny days will help out.
• • •
My boyfriend/partner and I spent most of Sunday with Maddie and Marlee. They helped us move the cows, built a new bridge on the trail to my parents’ house, and built three new gates.
And, of course, there was time to play (terrorize) the sheep, as well. They should have been tired because we certainly were.
They really enjoy trying to walk the sheep, and the sheep are mostly co-operative. But the nice part is when they are not, they are not nearly as likely to get hurt.
They were walking poor “Mocha” (the dwarf bunny) when she did a “pop-a-wheelie” and came right out of her harness.
There was a lot of screaming going on then, I will tell you!
• • •
I need to do some serious housework, especially since my boyfriend/partner wants to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. And with the weather being so nice, it won’t be as enjoyable to stay inside!
It does get dark early, though, and I need to get my windows cleaned so the sun can at least shine in!
Enjoy the next few nice days.

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