Here’s a different wedding!

Headed west to witness their daughter being married at the Calgary zoo on June 22 were the Jesse Dougherys of Westfort (Thunder Bay), whom I met at lunch in McDonald’s here.
They were quite thrilled with the arrangements. Among attractions out there is a screen at the altar bearing many colourful butterflies.
The young couple were to arrive from Lloydminster.
• • •
The Iowa Stars is the name of the American League hockey team coached by our Dave Allison—and the name on the cap he gave me when he arrived with his family from Des Moines for Father’s Day a week ago Sunday.
• • •
Diane Cousineau returned to her regular handi-van driving on Sunday and promptly sold me a new book of tickets. This is probably the greatest five-day return schedule available for the money ($25)!
• • •
As well for our regularly abundant rainfall, allow our pioneers credit for establishing our district communities in a tremendous area of excellent drainage and still well-forested—even after tons of trees went into paper, lumber, and heating!
• • •
My daughter, who has the ability to look on the bright side of whatever comes up for discussion, put my full series of pensions together, and how I wish my poor old father was still around to enjoy more of Canada’s benevolence.
His generation frequently had to scratch very much harder to make ends meet! Today, more than a free $1,000 per month is quite acceptable!
• • •
A bright yellow canary just flew across my window as if we are having a summer (to our surprise) after all our expressed distrust of local weather.
• • •
Jimmy Alton and I attended kindergarten together and those memories come up surprisingly easily as we meet each other after so many years apart.
We remember other classmates, as well as the Second World War and other memorable incidents—such as both of us quitting cigarettes.
Jim was a long-time friend of recently-deceased Gordon Matheson, whom I also knew for years. We were both Second World War airforce personnel and trained separately for the Japanese theatre.
Others we remembered from kindergarten included Billy Berklund, Gordon McTaggart, Connie Ross, Ruth Skriefe, and Calvin Muckle.
• • •
My first trip to a doctor occurred after so many years that I’m probably better off than I imagined. A mild scare concerning diabetes seemed to bother him and he wrote a prescription for Shopper’s Drug Mart, where I had never visited before.
Worse than anything else about doctors are those very long waits. But also be prepared for the friendliness you may receive from everyone there. Next time any foreboding can be forgotten.
(Incidentally, Dr. Eisenes can be trusted not to march you into the hospital immediately).
• • •
For miles in every direction around here Saturday, there was rarely a Canadian car licence to be seen as U.S. fishermen jammed us in and swarmed around our restaurants.
But it seemed many already were going home, whether they had stolen only enough time to test our fishing or else they already were finished for now in expectation of returning again soon!
Make no mistake, it’s our fishing that attracts them in great swarms as they come and go for the rest of our brief summer!
Inside McDonald’s, well-behaved as they were considering the crowds, there was considerable jostling but good nature prevailed and happier crowds there never were—some leaving stayed long enough to shake hands, tell where they came from, and promising to hurry back!
To see our thousands of visitors here last weekend, you easily could decide that tourism amounts to a major industry while it lasts. And better friends we would never find on short notice.
Hope they learn to leave their tornadoes at home rather than trying to scare us with storms like the previous Saturday!
• • •
“Nutty” is down to sunflower seeds at chow time but making the most of his rations, which cannot always be more and more peanuts. First thing you know, his entire family will prefer blossoms and other seeds they never expected—and grumble all day long like he does!
(I never expected such lack of gratitude and maybe I should have adopted a different species, say polar bears)!
• • •
For a clever and no doubt profitable company, Bell Telephone can sometimes give questionable service! Hopefully, this can be corrected so that voices do not fade away in the most important part of conversations!
More than the temperamental phone service has been spoiling my day, which has been piling up problems from the start.
First, I could not find the key to my apartment building, which I keep on a cord and never put away. Eventually I found that cord together with one that holds my “lifesaver” around my neck—both cords looking the same.
That started a whole series of problems, including one involving my ride!
But after spilling a hot coffee and other incidents, I managed to arrive home. Although this was a Sunday, my day had been quite crazy!
• • •
You hear complaints about visitors coming right across a lake to drop in their fishing lines alongside your boat after a big catch! Gr-r-r-!
• • •
When Marilou Beaulieu doesn’t check in for work at McDonald’s, she’s certainly missed! On Monday when that occurred, the explanation was that her daughter had a new baby!
• • •
Greg Beaulieu and I met Saturday (first time in years). Greg is the son of a Beaulieu from Third Street East and well-known in Atikokan after exploring creeks there for electricity generation.
His sister, Maxine, has settled at Montreal since her RCAF service. An aunt, Rose, was married to a Fort Frances postmaster, Oliver Busch. The Bartush family also is related.

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