Help us tell the stories

Newspapers are in constant need of feedback.
Our reporters are provided the opportunity to go out and learn about life and the happenings in Rainy River District. Those chances to hear stories from individuals and families are what create a community newspaper.
Heritage Canada, through its publications assistance program, has recognized the valuable role Canada’s community newspapers have played in the documentation and writing of the histories of people across the country.
Heritage Canada helps community newspapers nationwide to share the stories of their communities with interested people in the next community and across Canada.
In 2003, Fort Frances and Morley celebrated their centennials. This year, Rainy River and La Vallee will mark their 100th year. Throughout all those years, the Fort Frances Times and Rainy River Record have been recording the events of the district.
Those stories have included the arrival of the railway through the community. We wrote of the construction of the Heenan highway that went north from Emo, connecting Rainy River District with Kenora.
We marked the building of the highway bridge in Rainy River that ended the summer ferry service and its history. The construction of the Noden Causeway finally connected the west end of the district to the rest of the province.
The Times and Record have recorded the graduations of students from high school. The papers have marked the men and woman who went off to war. We have written of the great fires in the district that left many dead.
We’ve marked Canada’s 100th birthday and how every community in the district celebrated those events.
And in all of those years, we’ve written about the changes of our agricultural industry. We’ve noted the change from manual and horse team log harvesting to highly-mechanized tree harvesting in the district.
The papers have noted the changes in education that have had an impact on our students. We have followed elementary and high school athletic teams. We have watched the district sports teams and cheered them on.
And with all those stories, we also have written about the stories of triumph in the lives of district people. And we have written of the desperation in the lives of some district people.
Both papers are the historical documenters of Rainy River District. But in order to be successful at documenting the district, both papers require your assistance.
We would like to say we know everything that is happening in our communities and across the district. We just simply don’t. We would like to say we know all the people that do unique or special things or have different hobbies. We don’t.
That is where we need your help and feedback.
Help us tell those special stories of people. Tell us when special events are happening. Our goal is to record our district’s heritage. And when it is recorded, it becomes part of the permanent written heritage of Canada.
On Sunday, Canadians marked the anniversary of the flying of the Canadian Maple Leaf. The third Monday in February often is recognized as a Heritage Day. In some places it is known as Sir John A. Macdonald Day.
It is important to appreciate the value of our heritage, and understand how communities have developed and the people who have played instrumental roles in creating communities.

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