Health is everything

By Mitch Calvert

I took my health for granted, assuming it would always be there—and only now realize how fragile life really is.
A recent parasite infection has knocked me down for the count over the past three-plus weeks, and I’ve just now started to turn the corner.
When my health was good, my mind equally seemed so much more clear and focused.
The difference was so dramatic, in so many ways, that you literally had to witness the transformation to understand what I’m talking about.
I’ve had no energy and no motivation, and a virus-inflicted lack of sleep hasn’t helped the healing process.
But the light at the end of the tunnel (in a good way) is fast approaching and I’m officially on the road to recovery.
I made the decision to go to Winnipeg late last week, and the medical expertise I’ve received there ever since has made a world of difference.
Obviously my contributions to the newspaper have not been where they should be, but I’ll be back at 100 percent in no time.
Thankfully, I have a great support team at the office in all departments that have given me good motherly advice, covered events when I was unable to be there, and showed a genuine interest in my health. I owe you all a great debt of gratitude.
But that’s enough about me. Here are some tidbits on behalf of the always helpful John Pierce on recent goings on while I’ve been away.
A number of locals have returned to their winter sports teams for the fall semester, including Dan McIntyre, who will be starting his second year as a defenceman for Bemidji State, Luke Judson of Emo has cracked the Belleville Bulls’ OHL squad, and Mike McCaig has made the Selkirk Steelers (Manitoba Junior Hockey League) after playing last season with the Muskies.
Stay tuned all winter long for updates on their progress.
Meanwhile, girls’ hockey registration has gone through the roof locally as the association now sports two Midget, three Bantam, three PeeWee, two Atom, and one Novice team, which is three more squads than at this point last season.
In related news, Carly Holt has had to leave the Lethbridge Hurricanes women’s hockey team because the scheduling demands would conflict too heavily with her nursing studies.

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