Haying continues

We are all continuing on making hay. I have heard the rumbles that some are near the end.
Some farms are now putting up what we call “wet hay.” This means they are baling the hay while it is still green and then wrapping it in the big longs tubes of white plastic that you see on many farms. This eliminates waiting for the hay to dry and speeds up your season.
Despite the strong winds the hay is taking its time in drying (mainly because of the cold winds and cold temperatures). I check four different weather stations on the computer (it is an addiction now) and things are not looking so great for this week.
I don’t want to complain cause we actually could use a nice rain, but I keep reminding myself that this is Rainy River—it will come. I know we will get done, but it is the time of the year that you can only think about cutting and baling.
I gained a lot of confidence in my self last year. It was the first year I had to make hay on my own, my dad wasn’t able to contribute due to his health troubles and let me tell you I had some stress wondering if I was capable. I did it and it felt damn good. (I have to confess that my boyfriend/partner and his son help me as well—they are really good at repairs!)
• • •
So the 50th Barn Party planning continues on. Please make note that we have had to change the date—it is now going to be held on September 19, 2009. We are now have the menu planned and we are now looking for sponsors. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Many of you will have received a letter from the Rainy River Cattlemen’s looking for membership fees, I understand there is a lot of questions regarding this; please give Ken McKinnon a call do discuss this and get things cleared up 807-486-3451.
• • •
The Rainy River District 4-H Association had decided to have a calendar contest! We decided to have a picture contest and the winning entries will be published on a calendar and sold through out the district.
The three categories that we have selected this year are: Landscape, People and Action (action could be baling hay or fishing.)
We are running a bit behind for this year, but are willing to give it a try.
The entry forms will be out this week and the pictures will be due by Aug. 10th, so that we can display them at the Emo Fair. Let me know if you would like further information on this.
• • •
I attended a beautiful wedding over the weekend. Congratulations to Kayla and Rey. I wish them all the best and must say how nice it is to have our kids return to the Rainy River District—even though I cannot believe our kids are all getting older, getting married and having kids . . .
I guess it is because I still think I am 25.
• • •
It seems it is hard to not tell you a story about my nieces. I had Maddie for a few hours the other night.
My brother, Maddie and Marlee returned some borrowed lawn seeding equipment the other day and since it had rained and I couldn’t make hay, I had decided to make a quick trip into Fort Frances after work. So, Maddie stayed with me.
It had to be the day she picked to wear her brand new “princess” shoes. You should have seen her trying to keep up with me with her high-heels but never mind they are a couple sizes to big. (Many people stopped and smiled at us.)
All of Wal-Mart could hear her telling me, “Auntie you are going to fast for me!” That was after she decided to get out of the cart cause the high-heels were sticking in the holes of the cart.
We then headed over to her “Daddy’s favourite store,” Canadian Tire. She stood in front of some kid’s outdoor toys and told me, “Auntie, I really want this new skipping rope.”
I told her: “Maddie that is not a skipping rope, it is a hula-hoop.” She said, “Well, I cannot say that word, but I want it.”
We loaded up our new hula-hoop and she immediately tells me a new plan; “I know, she says; I won’t tell my mom and you won’t tell my mom, I wont’ tell my dad and you won’t tell my dad. We’ll go to my house and get my blanket and I will come home and sleep with you tonight!”
She had to stay at home, but we will make a plan like that again very soon.

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