Hard to catch up on your work after a holiday

Well, it took me most of the week to get caught up from my holiday. There were numerous e-mails and phone messages that needed to be answered.
Unfortunately, I hadn’t lined up any help and that didn’t seem to fall into place until Friday. And if I am sitting at the computer, the seed isn’t getting cleaned or the plowing isn’t getting accomplished.
I have someone lined up to start work tomorrow and we will get things back on track again (crossing my fingers that the weather will co-operate).
I really was expecting a hotter, drier fall since the summer was rather miserable, but so far the pattern has continued.
We will tackle the canola right off the bat (well, after the help reads over the safety training orientation manual). Meanwhile, I still have some late-seeded crops that we’re going to have to make a decision about–whether we shall wait for it to mature or just go ahead and chop now!
Maybe October will be beautiful?
• • •
I attended one day of the Northern Networks trade conference in Fort Frances last week. I would have liked to have participated in the entire session, but I was unable to make that happen.
It was an excellent-run conference and from talking to others, they felt this was one of the best ever.
The main theme was “local.” It is exciting to think that we are working and moving towards this all the time.
Of course, we still have some stumbling blocks. But if we are all thinking this way, and we work together, we can make it happen and our community will be much more sustainable.
• • •
I vaccinated my calves over the weekend for our “Rainy River Raised” protocol.
Normally my cows come in to the corral quite well, but not this weekend. Not sure if they thought it was weaning time or what, but it took us about four tries to get the entire herd in.
It seemed like they were split up a bit, as well, and that isn’t good.
Maddie and Marlee rode the four-wheelers with my boyfriend/partner and my almost step-son, and we did get them. Both girls were ready to help this time, although sometimes moving cattle is not the best environment for little ears.
It didn’t even just end with troubles getting the cattle in. Then my needle guns were not working!
I have no patience at all so lucky my boyfriend/partner stepped in and calmly got two of them working.
It took no time at all to vaccinate—it was just all the events leading up to it. In fact, I didn’t even take the time to count the calves, so I’m hoping that everyone is there.
I do have a sick one, and I have lined up my vet cousin to check that out.
• • •
We also decided to recycle an old well house and convert it into a sheep pen. We just need to do a few more finishing touches and the sheep will have a new home.
I wanted to keep them out of the main barn since cattle and sheep together at calving/lambing potentially can run into some disease problems.
• • •
I checked the weather early Sunday morning and it looked great for the week. Now it is calling for rain, but I’m crossing my fingers that I can make a few more square bales for calving and for the sheep.
I don’t understand why we do not have a weather station that you can trust!
• • •
Please remember to vote for Nestor Falls for the “Ultimate Fishing Town” title—let’s work together and help them pull this off!
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