Hallowe’en Memories

I often mark the last Sunday of October as the beginning of winter. Similarly, the first Sunday of April marks the beginning of summer. That breaks the year into two seasons.
This year, daylight season went to the last possible moment.
Although I was going to work in the dark, there was still daylight for my wife and me to begin our evening walk after supper. This last week has been particularly warm for the end of October and the pathway along the river remains beautiful in the twilight of the day.
Beginning this week, darkness is greeting me at the beginning of my workday and arrives close to the end of the day.
Sunday evening, the ghosts and goblins came knocking at our door. Since Marnie had not yet returned from another Guide weekend in Toronto, I was left to hand out the treats.
I really enjoy watching the youngsters show up at the door dressed in their costumes while their parents hang back at the sidewalk. I remember walking the neighborhood with my two sons. They were excited to receive the treats and it was a good experience for them.
While either Marnie or I made the rounds of the neighborhood, the other would hand out the treats. We then would exchange jobs and one of us would ferry the boys to their grandmother and aunts and uncles.
Eventually, they had the confidence to go out with friends, so Marnie and I were relegated to handing out treats. Both continued to knock on doors through elementary school.
One son sprouted much earlier than his friends and was questioned often as to why he was still out. The other son never ran into that questioning.
This past Sunday night, the first group of kids arrived before 5 p.m. and the last four-and-a-half hours later.
For 40 minutes, I was away picking up Marnie at the Fort Frances airport. I met three grey ghosts on the road to the airport—all with white tails. The ghosts came out of the deep ditch and then jogged down the highway before finally crossing into the bush.
When I arrived at the airport, I listened to an airport staff person talk to the Bearskin flight that was circling overhead. The staff person was doing the nightly run to chase deer off the runway prior to an aircraft landing.
Two persistent deer were proving a real challenge Sunday night. They had been chased off and had circled around the airport vehicle to lay claim to the runway.
The Bearskin plane circled three times before the deer finally gave up and moved off and stayed in the grass just beyond the edge of the runway. The plane landed safely.
Before the plane left to continue on to Kenora and Winnipeg, the airport staff would again sweep the runways for deer. It has become a daily routine this fall.

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