Great bunch

Dear sir:
Wasn’t “Railroad Daze” amazing?
People flooded into our little community and had a great weekend of fun, including a parade, a ball tournament, games, dances, music, amazing radio-controlled aircraft, and model train displays.
Our parks, restaurants, and homes were buzzing with people and activity. Even a rainy Sunday couldn’t stop the ball games, the music in the park, nor the Great Beaver cardboard boat races.
“Railroad Daze” is again alive and well thanks to a dedicated bunch of volunteers who ignored the “nay-sayers” and the “can’t be doners” to put on this very successful weekend.
This army of volunteers should be recognized one by one, but you can’t because there are too many of them. And you certainly would miss some that quietly, unobtrusively made their contribution.
But a particular hats off to a deserving Sheila Mason, who chaired this daunting task.
We all witnessed and enjoyed what can happen if a determined group puts their shoulder to the wheel. Thank you, volunteers—you’re a great bunch!
Norma and
Jack Elliott
Rainy River, Ont.

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