Grandkids sure can get away with a lot more

I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful weather we had this past weekend.
I was very happy to see the sunny, pleasant day on Friday. My Grandma always told me that whatever the weather was like on Good Friday (and you better hope for good weather), that is what we could be experiencing for the next 40 days and nights.
Luckily, we didn’t have much of a wind on Friday—that’s definitely something I can live without for 40 days and nights.
The sun co-operated again on Saturday as I vaccinated my cows and yearling heifers. They are now ready for the breeding season, which will start around May 1 at my place.
I was planning to weigh my yearling steers, but my scale still was frozen into my shed in about two feet of ice. All and all, however, I felt as though I accomplished some farm work and then was able to enjoy Maddie and Marlee for the rest of the weekend.
We went into Fort Frances for Easter brunch on Sunday morning and then the girls came home with us. We rushed to get them out to the country to enjoy the beautiful day.
For the first time, Marlee even got to play with us outside.
We took the girls in the wagon down the road to the bull yard for a walk with both my (good) dog and grandma and grandpa’s (not always so good) dog. It was fun! Marlee had such a good time she giggled and smiled the entire trip.
It’s funny how a little kid’s giggle makes you feel so good.
Maddie liked to keep both dogs close (if they would get too far ahead or behind us, she would be calling “Karma come” or “Kloee come,” and enjoyed watching them splash in the water).
We sat on the deck for a bit and watched Maddie chase the cat (she’s always had an attraction with the cat’s tail). Then we decided we should head back and get ready to feed Marlee. She’s an eater and pretty much eats whatever you shove in her and doesn’t seem to ever get full!
Maddie was excited because the “boys were back” (boys = my boyfriend/partner and his son). They had been fishing most of the weekend, but they were back and would be ready to play with Maddie (or Maddie would be ready to play with them!)
After supper, Maddie headed back over to my place to do the chores. Even though it really isn’t all that bad in the barnyard yet, Maddie managed to lose her boot in the mud and stepped right out of it.
There she was with her cute little white sock quickly turning black from the mud! It brought back a memory of my childhood days and how ticked off my mom was when we were always wet and dirty.
I think she thought we did it on purpose, but just like Maddie, it happens very simply and easily.
When we arrived back to grandpa and grandma’s house and we explained what had happened, grandma never even got excited (wow, how things have changed!)
As I was thinking about how grandma had lightened up since my brother and I were coming in with muddy socks, I realized how many other things she use to freak out with us but not so with these grand-girls!
For instance, Maddie likes to play in the curtains but our hands would have been way too dirty and greasy to touch them. And then there’s Easter eggs. We were never allowed to waste eggs by boiling them and colouring them, but a few she made for Maddie cracked and she was going to make her more.
What about sitting on the table or the countertop? That would have be a major “no-no” in my day but now, for some reason, it is acceptable.
I guess I shouldn’t say too much–I was suppose to work all day Monday but I ended up only working the afternoon because the girls were out.
But how can you resist when you hear, “I just want to go farming, Auntie Kimmie.”

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