Going toe to toe with the champ

Do you consider yourself a heavyweight or a lightweight?
I’m not talking about your actual weight. What I’m referring to is your IQ—your Rocky IQ, that is.
“Rocky” is my favourite movie of all-time (slightly edging out “Boondock Saints”) and since Sylvester Stallone’s new reality series, “The Contender,” has broken through with rave reviews and bulky ratings, I thought it best to not forget how he got his break to put himself in a position to give other people theirs.
Still with me?
So to honour “Rocky” and all that is holy about that five-part series (rumour has it a “Rocky VI” in the works—which might be an underlying reason why Stallone got involved with “The Contender” in the first place), I have created some trivia questions that will test your Rocky IQ.
1). When Ivan Drago and Rocky Balboa meet for their pre-fight instructions in “Rocky IV,” what does the Russian say to Rocky?
a). Man, do you smell good.
b). I must break you.
c). So, what do you think of Russia?
d). How was Apollo Creed’s funeral?
2). What was the moniker given to Hulk Hogan in “Rocky III”?
a). The Balding Bruiser
b). Steroid King
c). Captain Crunch
d). Thunderlips
3) What is Rocky’s real name?
a). Robert
b). Vincent
c). Rocco
d). Enzo
4). What is the sports-related name of the dog Rocky picked out from Adrian’s pet store in “Rocky”?
a). Sugar Ray
b). Champ
c). Butkus
d). Cassius Clay
5). What animal does Rocky Jr. says his dad looks like after coming back from Russia in “Rocky V”?
a). A beaver
b). A raccoon
c). A bear
d). A dog
6). What does Rocky say he will buy Paulie with his fight earnings in “Rocky II”?
a). A date with Elizabeth Taylor
b). Hair transplant treatments
c). A slushy machine
d). Life insurance
7). What is the synapse-firing song listened to by Rocky and Apollo Creed while training in “Rocky III”?
a). “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton
b). “Respect” by Aretha Franklin
c). “My Way” by Frank Sinatra
d). “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor
8). What legendary boxer makes a guest appearance in the original “Rocky” just before the main event?
a). Jake LaMotta
b). Joe Frazier
c). Rocky Graziano
d). Tony Danza
9). Who is the relatively unknown club fighter that went 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali and served as the inspiration for Rocky Balboa?
a). Rocky Marcianno
b). Ken Norton
c). Chuck Wepner
d). Butterbeam
10). What is the name of Mr. T’s tough guy character who Rocky would face twice in “Rocky III”?
a). Clubber Lang
b). Hannibal Murdock
c). Lou Johnson
d). Tommy Gunn
11). Where is the first place Rocky and Adrian go to after being released from the hospital in “Rocky II”?
a). A church
b). The city zoo
c). A strip club
d). A gym
And here are the answers (drum roll please . . .)
1). b, 2). d, 3). a, 4). c, 5). b, 6). c, 7). d, 8). b, 9). c, 10). a, 11). b
So how did you do?
•11 out of 11—Congratulations, you have no life! I’m a sports writer, so it’s my job to know meaningless things. What’s your excuse?
•10 out of 11—You got a TKO.
•Nine out of 11—A few scrapes, but you did pretty well
•Eight out of 11—Major decision
•Seven out of 11—You got caught a few times
•Six out of 11—Consider this a warning issued by the ref
•Five out of 11—And you call yourself a fan?
•Four or below—Have you even watched the movies?

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