Gillons’ provides security blankets

Press Release

Staff at Family and Children’s Services have teamed up with Gillons’ Insurance Brokers and the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario in providing fleece blankets for children and youth in need.
Board member Trevor Fitzgerald made the announcement at the monthly FACS board meeting held April 16.
The presentation was made May 1 during the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce’s annual home and leisure show.
FACS executive director Vik Nowak was extremely appreciative of the donation.
“These blankets could be used by children and youth from any one of our programs,” he noted, citing examples of a youth in a mental health crisis could benefit from the security as well as a child coming into kinship or foster care.
“Ensuring that children feel safe and secure is a top priority with us,” Nowak stressed.
Some programs, such as the Supervised Access Program, give out teddy bears during child orientation to the program.
“Having blankets on hand to give to children is the perfect complement and will help put the children at ease,” noted Community Services manager Betty-Anne MacKintosh.
The Children’s Services team also provides items to children in need, such as backpacks, clothing, toys, and personal effects.
“Having the blankets to add will be a very useful resource to all programs,” MacKintosh said.
Gillons’ Insurance Brokers, a member of the Insurance Brokers Association, places a high value on supporting the community.
The security blankets are being distributed as part of the association’s public awareness campaign.
FACS recognizes community support is essential in fulfilling its mandate to ensure the safety and optimal development of children and youth.
On behalf of the agency, Nowak would like to thank Gillons’ and the association for offering this generous gift.
“I know the blankets will be put to good use for the children and families in this district,” he said.