Getting used to combine taking time

The new combine arrived at the agricultural research station in Emo last Thursday!
We drove it out to the station and were in hopes of using it Friday. Unfortunately, the straw has to be bone dry so we were not able to try things out until after lunch.
It is difficult to stay on the five rows per plot, but I’m hoping I will get better with that with time.
Of course, we had some troubles and we still are not operating.
The combine has a bagging system on it–each plot would have the seed blown into a bag. The person on the ground would change the bag and you would keep going.
For some reason that didn’t seem to be working!
I ended up calling my boyfriend/partner to see if he could offer some suggestions. He thought the only possible solution was if we tried changing one of the pulleys.
Well, we tried tackling that—only to end up breaking the pulley and having to pay a visit to Nussbaumer’s machine shop.
Now it is too damp again, but we are hoping to combine one of these days (the only trouble is I’m supposed to be on holidays this week).
We do have a back-up plan: trying the combine without the bagging system. We know this will be a much slower process, but the barley is more than ready to go!
Still, I’m really thrilled to have a combine. I always wanted one and always have said that if I won the 6/49, I would buy one!
This is just a mini-version of the real thing, although the price tag is far from mini and it’s used!
• • •
We officially finished first cut at home. I would have liked to make a few more loads of square bales, but the weather just didn’t co-operate for that.
I hope I can still make a few with some of the second cut.
Alas, the weather hasn’t improved all that much right through this entire haying season. Many farms are busy trying to combine their grain now and they would appreciate a few dry days in a row, as well.
It sure has been a different year. I’ve been getting lots of calls about gardens–problems with tomatoes, flowers, etc. The weather plays havoc on all kinds of things in all kinds of ways.
When you have weather-related problems, there is very little that you can do!
• • •
If you have a chance, visit and vote for Murray and R.J. McDonald, who have made the top two finalists for the cattlemen’s show and win contest.
All you need to do is enter your e-mail address and vote for them.
This is very exciting for Rainy River District, and congratulations to Murray and R.J. for making the top two!
Remember to use all your e-mail addresses (i.e. hotmail, yahoo, etc.)
• • •
One of my former summer students at the ag station was married this past weekend. Congratulations to Steph Strachan and Andrew Angus.
Steph was a great student—a hard worker who always had a bright, cheery smile on her face.
Steph and Andrew started dating when she was working here at the station. He would pay a few visits and there always was a whole lot of smooching going on!
I wish them all the best, and I’m glad I was able to share in your special day!
• • •
I seem to have a wolf or two hanging around my place again. I had a little fawn come running through the yard the other night when working with my fair cows with his mouth wide open.
Now I am a bit worried about my sheep.
I’m hoping the electric fence keeps the wolf out of their pen, as well as keeping them in!
• • •
I’m hoping I can avoid work for most of this week and prepare to see you at the Emo Fair!

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