Getting the house ready for our sons’ return

Christmas is coming and our sons soon will be home.
The house is nearly decorated from ceiling to floor. The cookies are all baked and packed snugly in the freezer to prevent some adult enjoying a sweet. The presents are being wrapped.
The tree stands tall while the quarter-century old handmade tree angel looks down at it all.
Sunday began our final preparations for Christmas. We have a large home and while our sons were growing up, we always seemed to have a lot of room. But when the youngest left for school, my wife took over his bedroom as her Girl Guide office.
He had left behind his computer because it wasn’t a “Ferrari” that he would need for essays when he headed for Carleton. A new computer replaced that computer when he headed off to school.
That older computer has become my wife’s filing cabinet and writing tablet.
The much more ancient computer that we had used resided on a desk just off our bedroom and began collecting dust almost three years ago.
But from the time Adam left for school, his bedroom has been turned into Marnie’s office. The bed had accumulated neat piles of paper and filing folders. The floor had an equal number of piles circling around her desk chair.
Whenever Adam arrived home for summer holidays or Christmas, Marnie cleaned up and filed her papers in a box—waiting for his departure.
But with the soon-arriving youngest, Sunday was clean-up day. We had decided this fall to move the computer from Adam’s bedroom into the office just off the bedroom and that required taking the old computer apart.
No big problem. We also decided to clean out the desk that it resided on.
The desk had belonged to Wilena Runkowski when she was the clerk for the Town of Fort Frances and was given to her on her retirement by the town. It is an old oak desk with a glass slate that covers its surface so that the surface remains unblemished.
I had purchased the desk shortly after I had become a town councillor and it had made its way to our home.
The desk has been the work station for three computers, and we uncovered stacks of children’s computer games. We knew we could find a new home for them. Many had been presents to our sons as they had grown up and they brought back memories of those Christmases.
Many a high school essay also were written on that computer.
However, the old computer is a problem. The monitor is in good shape and I brought it to the newspaper because monitors are always failing and this can be used when one fails.
The computer itself is so old that no one is interested in it.
In its day almost a decade ago, it was considered blinding fast and state-of-the-art. Today, it would be hard-pressed to handle high-speed Internet. So what do you do with that old computer? It appears the answer is to put it into the garbage.
It has served its use.
In the meantime, the office just off the bedroom finally has been turned into my wife’s office. The bed has been cleared, the piles from the floor sorted and placed in the filing cabinet.
The first child is home this evening and the eldest will be home a week later.

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