Getting ready for parade no fun

I decorated up the four-wheeler and wagon for the “Holly Daze” parade in Emo on Friday night.
My boyfriend/partner didn’t know why I didn’t let the girls help me with the decorating, but things certainly take a lot longer with their help (especially if we end up in a little scrap).
As I was trying to get their ski pants on in a very crowed truck, with very little co-operation from them, I did wonder what I was trying to do! I was afraid they would get too hot before the parade with all their clothes on, but getting dressed in the truck was not so easy.
Maddie enjoyed tossing out the John Deere candy and the “Farmers Feed Cities” badges, but next year she thinks we should just get more badges because kids really like them.
They both enjoyed the parade and thought that Santa would be very proud of them (I had to pull the Santa trick before the parade got started to get them to co-operate a bit better).
I thought it was very nice to drive by the Queen Street Manor and have the seniors waving at us–it really reminded me of my Uncle Bud.
• • •
I took “Karma” in to see Dr. Dan this past week. It was senior pet month so he checked her over and did some blood work.
I know there is nothing you can do about your dog getting old, but I certainly don’t want her to be uncomfortable. She still can see and hear well, but she doesn’t jump into the truck like she used to and barely ever gets on the bed anymore.
The only bad thing about a good dog is that they get old too fast!
• • •
As I was feeding cows earlier in the week, I could see a heifer off in the distance that didn’t look right to me.
I finished feeding and went for a closer inspection. Sure enough, it looked as though she was calving—and it’s about three months early.
There is very little you can do about this and my cows are not all that close to the barn. They are not even coming home to drink; they are walking further to a swamp for water.
I was sad because it was one of my purebreds (actually, the heifer you might have “Guessed the Weight” of at the Emo Fair this past August).
I went back the next day and she had, not long before I arrived, aborted a bull calf.
If there is anything good about it, at least I caught it otherwise I might have just assumed she didn’t get bred in the first place.
Who knows why? Maybe it’s the feed, maybe she was hit by another cow, maybe, maybe? All you can do is look after them to the best of your ability and after that it’s Mother Nature’s way!
• • •
Remember to come out to Emo Legion tomorrow night (Dec. 9) as Dan Ferguson from the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association is coming for a visit!
Everyone is welcome.

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