Gabby now goes for the casino

I’m nominating Gabby Hanzuk for chairmanship of our proposed casino committee.
While she continues to get so many important other things done, such as preparing for Special Olympics and Meals on Wheels, Gabby never seems to run out of energy and enthusiasm, and she likes the casino idea here.
Her partner again is Connie Wood.
She recommends 25 projects that should benefit from the charity side of the coming casino and deserves a title such as “Wonder Woman!”
• • •
I don’t remember any spectacular robberies occurring in Fort Frances, except possibly for one of those heavy old iron safes our early businesses kept in their offices.
One of those iron boxes, with its brass combination lock, disappeared from the law office of the late C.R. Fitch on Church Street.
It eventually was found out at the garbage grounds after what must have been some very strenuous labour for the burglars. They had dropped it through a hole they cut in the floor!
Now Cecile Hebert tells about an Atikokan bank robbery that was thwarted after the woman robber phoned the police and demanded to be told where the money was (while swearing).
“Where are you?” she was asked and replied, “Inside the Royal Bank.”
“Stay there, we’ll be right over,” a policeman told her.
Needless to say, she was not well paid for her efforts!
• • •
Our Aspen House caretakers, the Skirtens, took out time from their busy schedules to use part of the holidays for a visit to Las Vegas.
• • •
Burning grass started a week ago and some corners of town experienced alarming amounts of smoke, but our firemen were very much on the job.
• • •
Remember when Bell telephone operators were expected to supply information such as the time of day or the date? Whereas today if your question is not to obtain a phone number, you are told “That is not a valid response!”
But try again in hopes of getting an operator not stuck on that answer alone.
• • •
There was a mix-up of names in a recent column here which indicated a local lady had married her grandfather! So be careful what you read sometimes!
• • •
Folks from Nestor Falls say the story about mobster Al Capone making moonshine up there—to peddle back home in Chicago during Prohibition years—was occurring somewhere around Crooked Lake, according to legends that still linger after three-quarters of a century.
• • •
Much more current is talk that the Rainy Lake Hotel has been sold but so far not confirmed.
It’s high time something was done about this grand old place which served our community so well for so many years before it became completely neglected.
It still could be our community centrepiece and outsiders must be wondering about us leaving the old lady all alone as if we no longer cared. I’m told to contact Barb Everett of the Northern Lights Credit Union for a current report.
• • •
My request for information on the death of Harry Milner was answered twice and it turns out his address given first as Stratton turns out to be in Barwick, where he and wife, June, farmed on the township line for 20 years.
Calling in about Mr. Milner were Alvin Alexander and Lou Nielson.
• • •
Another puzzle: who owns the Hallett ship which now sits looking forlorn at Pither’s Point. I seem to remember the late I.W. Smith, or brother Dwight Smith, as the master of our lady of the lake, and how often she served so well.
Not since our logging days, when tugboats hauled in so many log booms, was there such an impressive boat afloat around here.
The Hallett, like the Rainy Lake Hotel, served us well for years. Ah, nostalgia!
• • •
Young entertainers abound currently in Fort Frances and district, following in the footsteps of the younger Andruscos who keep on knocking the socks off audiences.
We have country singer Kayla Lauzon, about whom I am told by other high schoolers could take the stage successfully anytime and has an October date in Nashville.
Then there are the three Fort Frances guitarists whose band is heard around Vancouver. And since my own grandson, Jordan, is included, stay in touch here.
• • •
While I’ve been into country music recently with Johnny Cash and Marty Robbins, I’m told about two other whose records I should acquire: Merle Haggard and Vern Goddin.
I’ve been keeping my CD player busy.
• • •
Recent leg amputations here have emphasized the dangers involving diabetes, which have struck hard and often locally!
• • •
Those old records are too valuable to throw away, so anyone with these record players for sale should phone: one 78 rpm and one 33 rpm.
• • •
With green leaves reappearing on our trees, “Nutty” has decided to return to summer garb again also, shedding his furry overcoat and thick tail while still searching balconies for toast and cookies.
Busy as ever, the small rascal!
• • •
A party of 21 competitors, coaches, and volunteers hit the highway here Friday for Special Olympics events at Thunder Bay, expecting to return Sunday.
Among them was Joyce Gosselin, our Miss Fort Frances since last year’s competition in Japan when she was tops in snowshoeing. She now is into swimming and bowling events.
• • •
While this is the season for loud music around town again, not everyone is appreciating their neighbourood night-and-day racket—and have sometimes resorted to calling in the police!
But local bylaw officer Dave Egan seems the man to invite over when the noise becomes too bothersome.
A friend with an ill wife who could not enjoy any sleep found what the cops couldn’t control, the bylaw office, in conformance with the sound laws, earned gratitude for controlling a prevailing disturbance.

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