Friends a measure of true wealth

My brother, Don, is probably one of the most generous people that I know. Over his life-time, he has donated countless hours to helping others.
The assistance normally offered has been in the way of time and physical labour.
It may have been a household move, or an invitation to his home for supper, or a weekend at the cottage. It may even have been helping someone build the cottage of their dreams.
In Don’s lifetime, he has always been there to help his friends. And now, all of those hours of time he has donated are being returned to him.
He and his wife, Mags, have embarked on replacing their old cottage with a completely new one. It is a big undertaking.
For several years, Don and Mags have been planning this new cottage. It is a cabin of their dreams with room to accommodate family and friends. This cabin will be a great retirement place to spend their summers.
Don has worked the plans until the paper wore thin. He scoured the district for tools to make the cottage building easier. He scoured for his materials across the region.
Without a lot of land, Don and Mags have had to dismantle their old cottage. This year, the dismantling cut their cottage season short.
And that is when all those hours of donated time started being returned. A large crew showed up on the beach at Rebecca Island, and in short work had the old cottage humbled before lunch on its foundation.
By mid-afternoon, the only thing that was left of that old cottage were two original beams.
Everything else had been cut up and hauled away.
And one week later, a different crew had manifested and in two days, they managed to move over 200 bags of pre-mixed cement for the new foundations for this new cabin, and almost everything else that is needed to build a cabin.
They were not stingy with their time. Barely taking a break, they worked from early morning through to almost dusk.
Three barge loads of materials traveled north captained by Brian Lowry.
And the materials that were not unloaded on Saturday, were offloaded on Sunday by friends who returned to help.
And on Monday, those same friends laid out and built the forms for the footings of the new cabin.
For many, old muscles have probably been rediscovered.
As the building proceeds, I expect other friends will join the work parties. They say a person’s fortune is linked to the friends one makes throughout their life. The crews that are helping Don and Mags fulfill their dreams are a true indication of the richness that Don and Mags have brought to others.

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