Finally time to ‘un-Christmas’ my house

I spent most of last week catching up on the stuff I didn’t do over the Christmas break, so now this week I can “un-Christmas” my house.
I like to leave the winter-related decorations (snowmen, etc.) up for a while yet. I’m not even tired of my tree, but I guess it is time it makes its way out the door (I’m thinking that due to the wet fall, it hasn’t even shed too much yet).
I will miss the lights and likely will have to replace that with a bunch of candles lit for my evenings—then worry that I forget to blow one out!
I will tackle my yard lights, as well, but that won’t be until later in the week. Everyone tells me to wait until the snow isn’t so deep but by then, I will be busy with something else. And I always think of “don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today!” (I think Nanny may have said this a few times to me).
Without the outdoor lights, the yard seems so dark and dreary. But in about a month it will be calving time and I likely won’t even notice the dark when you are coming and going at all hours of the day and night.
• • •
“Mr. Buttons,” our visiting ram, returned home on Friday. His parents came and picked him up, which was very nice as my boyfriend/partner and I were going to have to dig out our cattle trailer.
“Daisee” and “Clover” seem to be fine without his company, so we are crossing our fingers that sometime after the middle of April we will have lambs.
“Mr. Buttons” was a black ram and Evan Debney, from Egli’s sheep farm near Dryden, told me that if Mr. Buttons had a black tongue, we should have black lambs.
If it was pink, we could have either!
Evan was over at Christmas time and checked our Mr. Buttons’ tongue and it was black, so we will now just have to wait and see.
Maddie often is telling me she can’t wait for baby lambs, so I sure hope she isn’t disappointed.
• • •
It has been pretty hard going at the trapline. There’s a fair amount of snow and a fair amount of slush, along with a lack of ice in the swamps.
I’m fairly limited on the times I can get up there because of cows and calving, but things are not looking good for me as I’m not real brave when it comes to ice and slush.
I might have to just stick to my little trail right here at home!
• • •
With calving season approaching, I would like to remind everyone that you can order “Rainy River Raised” tags through me and the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association. They come in all colours and everyone can use them (you don’t have to be involved with the protocol sales).
They are such a great way to display our wonderfully-grown Rainy River cattle.
These tags come with the management tag and the RFID button. As well, your calves will be age-verified for free!
• • •
I also would like to remind everyone about the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association’s annual meeting coming up Thursday, Jan. 20 at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of Way School in Stratton.
Dan Darling, vice-president of the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association, will be here and we are looking for some new faces to sit on the board!
Call me if you have any questions.

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