Father’s Day is truly in the air

? With Father’s Day being this Sunday (June 21), I see it only fitting that we share stories of fishing with our fathers and grandfathers.
With their infinite knowledge and animated stories of the “one that got away,” we constantly are enthralled—and maybe a bit naive for sitting wide-eyed as they stretch out their arms and shout, “I swear, it was THIS big!”
Whenever in a group of men, our conversation usually is about fishing or hunting, or often times both. With that comes memories of how our fathers taught us our way around the great outdoors in hopes that just a little bit of that infinite wisdom would be passed along.
This past weekend, I was able to get in some quality father/son time with my dad when we fished a small bass tournament on Westhawk Lake in Manitoba. It actually was the first tournament we have fished together in about 10 years, so that was special.
We had a good day and finished in fourth place.
Years from now, we won’t remember all the fish we caught on Westhawk nor what place we finished, but we’ll remember the drive out in the morning and the fun day in the boat.
I can remember fishing at our family cabin on Lake of the Woods with my dad and grandpa when I was really young.
In fact, I even can remember the spot in Echo Bay. It was one of the first times we actually went bass fishing, and my grandpa had a couple of new lures called tube jigs that he heard were hot.
He always had all the latest tackle and a collection of fishing magazines that kept me busy for years (I still have them, in fact).
A friend recently travelled up from Minnesota to come for a fishing trip with his seven-year-old son and father. They arrived the night before they were going to fish and were staying
at my house.
It was quickly apparent that the little guy was very excited to go fishing the next morning, reminding me much of myself at that age.
Well, the next morning I heard somebody walking around outside my room just as the morning light was starting to arrive at 4:45 a.m. Upon investigation, he was dressed and ready to go fishing.
Soon, he had dad and grandpa moving and we were on the lake.
Throughout the three days, they were able to share experiences cooking breakfast, cleaning fish, and memories of catching fish. It was three days that they all will remember for years to come.
If you have the ability to take your kids fishing (or any kid for that matter), grab the chance. Whether it is for an evening of walleye fishing with the goal to catch a few fish to eat or if it is in a bass tournament like my dad started taking me in when I was 10 years old, memories are made that will last a lifetime.
Further, if you get the chance to invite dad to go on a fishing trip, always do it. If you don’t ask, it won’t happen.

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