Farm tour, open house went well

Another beautiful week in the Rainy River District!
The weather has been amazing and it sure feels good to wake up to sunshine!
The Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association hosted their annual summer farm tour this past week.
We had three new firsts on this tour: 1) We had a team of horses pull us around one of our sites; 2) We had a guest from Belarus; and 3) We had a porta-potty!
Our first visit was Jeff Pollard’s Farm, where he had Shane Brown with his team of horses pull us around his water way fencing.
Jeff has done extensive work to keep his cattle our of the water ways, install a new watering system and planted many trees. Keep up the good work Jeff!
We then stopped at Lyle Wheatley’s canola field and Lyle had nicely prepared his costs of planting this crop. Time will tell how he makes out with his canola but let’s hope for continued good growing/harvesting conditions and Lyle will see some profit for his hard work.
We then continued on to Cornells’ big red barn where we enjoyed our lunch in the shade and a porta–potty.
Marvin Smith then hosted the next stop, where we seen his Miscanthus plots. Marvin has continued to be positive about growing this relatively new crop to our area. We then visited Cornells’ barley field where he had incorporated wood-ash.
Those who have been using wood-ash on their fields have seen quite an increase in productivity of their fields.
Our final visit was Larry Lambs where we seen his wheat and soybeans.
It was a great day (despite the detour south of Emo.)
That same evening we hosted our annual open house at EARS. A big thank you to those of you who take the time to come and join us.
I certainly appreciate seeing everyone and enjoy showing our plots.
A big part of growing these plots is showing what can or can’t happen here in the district. (I also keep a list of who comes!)
You can mark your calendar now that on Aug. 30 we will do another farm tour.
We have a few OMAFRA specialists that would like to visit so we are in the stages of planning a tour route.
This is such a great way to learn from our neighbours either by looking at what he is doing on his farm or by visiting with each other.
• • •
I understand that a group of guys gathered last week and made nearly 1,600 square bales for the Stratton Sales Barn.
Thanks to all that donated their hay, equipment and time!
I would also like to remind everyone of our planned work-bee this Saturday, Aug. 6 at the sales barn beginning at 9 a.m.
Everyone is welcome and lunch will be provided (as well as some good coffee breaks.)
• • •
The district said good-bye to another good one last week. Willard Wilson passed away. His large family has many good memories and good times to keep him near.
• • •
We certainly had great weather for our August long weekend I am hoping that everyone was able to get out and enjoy it some way.
We officially finished our first cut over the weekend so we enjoyed a couple of days off of a tractor!
Once August hits though that means its time to try and prepare for the Emo Fair.
There never seems to be too much down time.
• • •
I also understand that our feeder/breeder finance book-keeper had a very special birthday over the weekend. Happy 50th Birthday Jo!!!

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