Family still missing dog

The Canadian Press

MOOSE JAW, Sask.–A Saskatchewan family once again is searching for their missing dog after a case of mistaken identity.
On Tuesday, Brennen Duncan was reunited with a white Kuvasz that was found near Moose Jaw.
Duncan was certain the dog was his beloved “Georgia” that had run off from his wife’s parents’ farm in July, 2017 about 500 km away during a thunderstorm.
A vet said the big dog showed signs of starvation, has a tumour on her tail, a little bit of arthritis in her hips, and some sores around her eyes.
But after CTV News broadcast a story about the reunion, Duncan’s phone rang–it was a woman from a farm in nearby Caron, Sask. who said she thought the dog belonged to her and is named “Bella.”
Duncan said to be certain, they met yesterday morning and the dog went straight from him to her real master.
“They have had her since she was a pup for 13 years now and when she got out of my truck, I could just tell that she knew the owner right away,” Duncan said in an e-mail.
“She jumped into the car just like she had belonged all along.”
Duncan said he shared pictures of Georgia with Bella’s owner and they couldn’t believe how much they look alike.
He added right up to their meeting, he was very sure the dog was his, especially after how she responded to his two young sons.
Duncan said it was a sad day for his family but a happy one, too, because the dog is really home.
“We are happy for Bella to go back to her farm with her family,” he remarked.
“In a way, it was kind of like we got to spend one last day with Georgia.”