Expect tremendous growth now with all the moisture

Well, let’s hope the wet weather will finally quit circling over us!
Rainy River District can go from relatively dry to relatively wet rather quickly. We ended up with inside jobs at EARS and a bunch of hay that was well washed.
I heard from many that they were blaming the rain on me! This has set me back on some spraying but there is not much you can do to change the weather.
We will see tremendous growth now with all the moisture and some warmer days. (You will be cutting your lawn much more frequently!)
We will also seem some of our earlier planted cereal crops head out.
• • •
You likely remember me mentioning “Penelope,” a fawn that a nice couple in Stratton raised two years ago.
They put orange Velcro colours on her to hopefully keep her from becoming someone’s winter meat.
They hadn’t seen her for over a year and a half and just lately when the deer were grazing close by they went and called, and sure enough “Penelope” came to see them and allowed them to give her some love and attention.
She has been staying fairly close again and enjoying some special treats from her foster parents.
It is sure amazing to hear how intelligent animals are and respectful of people that care about them.
• • •
My “almost step-son” graduated from Fort Frances High School last week. He was a very good student and did well through high school. Time just goes too quickly and kids grow up too fast!
Congratulations to Damien and all the other district graduates. This is a great time of your life so enjoy it and don’t rush it along—you have your whole life to work!
• • •
I continually attend meetings about promoting our local food. A huge challenge is simply defining “local.” Are local foods from only Rainy River District or does local mean all of North Western Ontario?
These details are yet to be worked out. But there are a few things that are certain—people are wanting to eat local and people are trying to make it available.
Don’t be afraid to ask where the product has come from; it may have a farm name attached, but find out where that farm is located!
Buying fresh and eating local just makes good sense to our entire district!
• • •
Our Rainy River Stewardship Committee had a working meeting on Sable Island. It was a great field trip and it felt like it was the last day of school for me; I was very excited about going.
Leo Heyens (MNR—Kenora) gave us a guided tour and explained all about the uniqueness of this very beautiful, sand island.
We all felt like we left Rainy River District and were in Mexico!
Of course, human presence was apparent with broken glass and garbage around but we picked up a few things and ended our meeting back on main land under a shade tree since we had picked a beautiful day!
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s has scheduled another work bee for Aug. 6 to ensure we have everything ready for our fall sales. So, if you feel like you missed out on the fun of our last one, mark down this date and join us!
It will be a nice break from haying by then!

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