EWC another huge success

The seventh-annual Emo Walleye Classic held over the weekend once again was a huge success, with Doug McBride from Devlin and Steve Ballan from Fort Frances capturing first place.
The second place went to Les Morrison and John Swentik, both from Rainy River, while the father/son team of Frank and Corey Curtis, hailing from Emo, finished third.
The fourth-annual Emo “Walleyedol” singing competition, held Friday evening, also added to the weekend’s excitement. Kayla Lauzon placed first for the second time in three years, with Ken Brown second and Dale Morriseau third (he also won the People’s Choice award).
Hats off to Laurel Mose for her effort in organizing “Walleyedol.”
Congratulations to all the tourney winners, “Walleyedol” winners, and everyone who made the 2008 Emo Walleye Classic one of the best in Rainy River District.
• • •
The May gas draw at Dev-Lynne’s was won by Lise Barker, who took home a stainless steel cooler.
By sure to sign up for the free monthly draw every time you purchase $25 or more of gasoline there.
• • •
The Emo and District Hospital Auxiliary will be hosting itsi annual “Strawberry Social” on Friday, June 13 from 1-3 p.m. in the Emo hospital cafeteria.
Admission is $2, with auxiliary memberships also to be available for $2 each.
This year’s “Strawberry Social” is being dedicated to longtime auxiliary member and past president Dorothy Haines, who passed away last Thursday.
Come out and enjoy the day—and pay tribute to a special lady.
• • •
Crossroads School is holding its annual end-of-year family barbecue on June 19.
Organizers also are hoping for donations to both the penny and baking tables that will be set up. Call Nicole (486-0557) or Marty (486-0306) if you would like to donate items.
• • •
Sympathy to the family and many friends of Gary Teeple on his sudden passing. All of Rainy River District shares your sorrow and loss at this difficult time.
• • •
Congratulations are in order for seven local railroad retirees—Bob Jarvis, Charles Janzen, Rick Hagarty, John Armstrong, Peter Grant, Marvin Angus, and David Ivall.
They were honoured at a dinner and dance on Saturday night at the Rainy River Community Centre.
May you all enjoy the next stage of your lives!
• • •
Robin’s 2¢:
A teetotaller is seated next to a rock star on a flight to Texas. After the plane takes off, the musician orders a whisky and soda.
“And the same for you?” the flight attendant asked the teetotaller.
“I’d rather be tied up and ravaged by crazed women than let liquor touch my lips,” he snorted.
“Here,” said the rocker, handing back his drink. “I didn’t know we had a choice.”

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