Errors in obits add to grief

The emotional impact of death affects everyone. And I believe that everyone a grieving family comes in contact with tries to help those families through that rough period.
Our responsibility comes with publishing obituaries in the newspaper.
Every family wants to make the obituary of a loved one special. It is their chance to review the life’s achievements of that family member. They get to tell good stories—and let the world know how loving that family member was.
They also get to celebrate the family of that person: husband, wife, sons, daughters, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, and parents.
The obituaries are not only placed in the newspaper, they also appear on the on-line edition of the Fort Frances Times.
The funeral home staff deals directly with the family and, most times, provides the newspaper with the obituary and photo of the deceased person.
We work very hard to get the names spelled correctly and the information correct. Sometimes families wish a more elaborate obituary. It may be a background added, a favourite poem, or the lyrics of a favourite hymn.
They become more complicated and sometimes require last-minute changes.
When we do everything correctly, we meet the family’s needs. Sometimes, though, we fail, which happened this past week with an in memoriam ad.
A last-minute change was made but the information was not conveyed to the appropriate people and, as a result, the ad did not appear correctly in the newspaper.
Space for ads is set around noon on Tuesday. The size for those ads are determined much earlier. If the size changes, the computer does not automatically change size on the page. Rather, it is a manual step.
When the finalized ad is created, it flows onto the page in the original hole. In this case, we didn’t change the size of the ad on the page and only part of it appeared.
We made a mistake. The in memoriam ad did not appear correctly.
On behalf of the Times and our staff, I apologize for the error and the hurt it caused members of the family.

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