Enjoying heat wave

I sure hope everyone is enjoying our “heat wave!” I know I am!
I just keep thinking how much longer our winter is, so let’s not complain.
Haying is coming along nicely and I’m sure many are nearing the end of it. I’m hearing stories about lots of hay which is good–it is much nicer to be on the end of too much hay than not enough, and you never know what next year might bring.
I had to settle for letting my sheep graze part of my lawn since I’ve been spending all my daylight hours on a tractor. My lawn was too far ahead of me but the worse part is that section of lawn will grow even better in the future with all of that natural fertilizer!
The sheep are finding these temperatures pretty warm so they now have a couple of fans blowing on them! Poor cows don’t have it, but the sheep do.
• • •
My heart goes out to the Romyn family and friends. It is so sad to see a young person lost to such a nasty disease, especially at the prime of his life.
If there is any comfort in this, it sounds like Tyler touched many people in his short time with us. My dad spoke highly of Tyler and his time he worked at the arena.
I wish the family brighter days, and I hope living in this generous community gives them some strength.
• • •
We also celebrated a couple of special birthdays over the weekend.
Melinda Romyn (Teeple) turned 30! I find it so hard to believe all the kids are catching up to me! Time sure goes fast—it just seemed like yesterday Melinda was pulling around a 1,400-pound steer at the Emo Fair (all 80 pounds of her).
Meanwhile, Willy Caul celebrated his 80th. Willy is one of the funniest people I know and I have nothing but good to say about him.
He has raised a beautiful family and I doubt I’ll be able to do half of what Willy does now when I reach his age.
Willy’s quick humour is a real treasure to be around. Congratulations, Willy!
• • •
I had a quick visit the other day with Steve Gasparini, who is visiting with his mom (Faye) for a good part of the summer.
Steve lives in Alaska and was telling me that he hadn’t seen his name in “Moos from the Herd” yet, and that I had to mention him.
They are enjoying their time on “Nowhere Island” on Rainy Lake. It is certainly nice that Steve can come and spend this time with Faye and enjoy our beautiful summer!
• • •
Just a reminder that our open house at the agriculture research station here in Emo is next Wednesday (July 27) starting at 7 p.m.
My boss, John Rowsell, will be here, as well as Scott Banks, emerging crop specialist for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).
We will tour the plots and Scott will make a brief presentation, with light snacks to follow.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone. My boys (students) have done a great job of getting things all ready for everyone!
Everyone is invited to join us on the Rainy River soil and crop tour beginning at 11 a.m. next Wednesday at the research station.
We will be visiting an environmental farm fencing project, as well as checking out a miscanthus trial, wood ash demonstration, and soybean and cereal grain demonstration.
If you have any questions, give me a call but hope you can join us!

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