Enjoy the memories of youthful friends

It seems another lifetime when I was very young and very foolish. So foolish that as a young college student, I was part of a self-styled “clique.”
The group was made up of 10 fun-loving girls. What a group it was and what fun we had!
We even “published” our own yearbook, complete with 10-year predictions. The so-called yearbook, which I edited, is one of my most prized memorabilia from my college years.
We had nine editors, including a quotes editor, literary editor, society editor, date editor, prophecy editor, and two art editors.
And only one production manager! No wonder our production manager, Jean, wrote on the first page, “We are a talented gang: for instance, I can type.”
If not talented, we were at least creative.
The book contains poems; clever cartoons like one titled “Big Date” with a couple walking down the steps followed by nine girls; and news snippets from the college paper, such as “Arlene Landis, speaking on the topic ‘Red Versus Black,’ won first place.”
The year was 1949 and we called ourselves the Schmoos after the lovable ham-shaped creature Al Capp had introduced in Li’l Abner in late 1948.
As a result, one of my contributions was a pretty bad parody of the poem “I Like Americans,” entitled “I Like the Schmoos.”
“I Like the Schmoos/They know all your faults/and delight speaking of them. . . . I like the Schmoos/They waken you the first thing in the morning/To ask you to go on a bird hike/Or make you predict the night before/What the weather will be like. . . .
“I like the Schmoos/You may say what you will, they are the nicest people on the campus.”
Another feature was the prophecy section. Julia, the editor of that section, was creative and even sometimes on target.
She predicted that in 10 years, Miriam would be “on her second trip around the world.” True—Miriam married a world-renowned astronomer and has travelled the world with her husband.
On the other hand, her prediction for talented Hilda was “In China, India, or Africa, South America or Japan, who can tell where she will land?” Wrong—Hilda moved to nearby Chicago and stayed put as one of the leaders of an intentional community.
She foresaw Margaret in a science laboratory searching for a “chemical that will eliminate cockroaches.” Not quite right! Margaret almost finished a doctor’s degree in English, but got sidetracked and became a poet.
Whatever the predictions, we scattered from Massachusetts to California, from Kansas to Ethiopia. As a result, I have rarely seen some of the group. But what wonderful memories I have!
Now that I have reminisced, what about you?
Think about your youthful friends. Did you have a special group you ran around with in high school or college, or did you have one special friend?
As you reminisce, don’t feel sad because you rarely see your youthful friends. Just remember, every friend you’ve had is still part of you.
Then think of the wonderful friends you have now. Mature friends who share your daily life. The friends you share coffee with. The friends you exercise with. The friends in your Sunday School class.
Long time friends and new acquaintances.
And be thankful for all the ways friends enrich our daily experience—at every stage of life.
Marie Snider is an award-winning health care writer and syndicated columnist. Write her at thisside60@aol.com or visit www.visit-snider.com

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