Emo Fair week is finally here

The very busy, crazy Emo Fair week is here. I always take holidays this week and normally work harder that I do at work.
To top it all off; I am sick. I think Marlee shared her cold germs. I actually came home from work early on Thursday and I am still not feeling back to normal.
I have really got behind now in my fair baking and crafting—never mind my cattle.
Plus, I have some little kid helpers that were planning to come and practise with the cattle but I just haven’t felt up to that.
• • •
We were able to harvest the second cut of alfalfa at the Emo Agricultural Research Station.
I was hoping to get a few other trials done as well, but then this dreaded cold attacked and that was the end of that. It will be there when I get back though.
As well, when I return after the fair, the grain trials will be getting close to harvest as well.
It looks like the last couple of weeks of August will be busy, so we can only hope that the weather will cooperate.
My students will be leaving as well, so I hope the jam pack the last bit of their time as well. (They are so lucky!)
• • •
Most all of the organizations meet over the past week to plan their final stages of their Emo Fair events. A lot of time and effort (I call it dragging) goes into making it all happen. The displays, the crafts, the animals—they all take time.
• • •
A hard working elk farmer has retired from his day job and was honoured with a party of Friday night. Bill Darby’s coworkers gave him a very nice send off. Bill has worked very hard and is very deserving on this retirement.
He is excited about being a full-time elk farmer. Sounds like he would like to buy a tractor and Deb is thinking about a boat . . .
A highlight of his retirement party was his youngest daughter, Shannon, “fiddling” a number of country tunes and at her dad’s request—“The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” She did a wonderful job. Like I said before, I hope she remembers me when she is rich and famous.
I wish Bill many great retirement years—he deserves it!
• • •
There was also a baby shower for a new “farm addition” over the weekend. I was unable to attend since I was not feeling so great.
Jen and Jasper VanzWol just became the proud parents of a new little girl. Jen and Jasper have just recently taking over the dairy farm and now have expanded the entire operation. I wish them the best and hope little “Willeke” will be out milking cows soon!
• • •
Looking forward to seeing everyone this week at the fair! Come out and check out what is going on in rural area—We have lots to show you.

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