Emo Fair kind of like Christmas

Well, another Emo Fair is behind us.
It’s kind of like Christmas—you work so hard to prepare and there’s all the excitement, and just like that it’s over.
I also don’t like the fact that once the Emo Fair is over, fall soon appears and the kids will be returning to school.
Despite the roller-coaster of weather this summer, the fair weekend went very well. I still was battling my cold and pink-eye, but I made it through the weekend with very little sleep since my night cough kept me awake.
Damien, my “almost stepson,” was a huge help. We had eight animals to bath on Friday morning and we managed to get them all ready for the show.
Most other years, my cousin, Stacey, comes and helps, as well, but now she is in the real world working (as a vet at the Winnipeg Humane Society) so she was unable to make it home!
I had lots of little helpers this year—all wanting to show an animal. My little niece made her first appearance in the show ring with her one and only favourite heifer calf, “Darma.”
Maddie and Darma ended up with the first-place ribbon so that was a pretty exciting first time.
It was a great class actually full of lots of young ones (the judge was very understanding that they are the future of our fair and he was very patient).
Bradley Teeple proudly showed off his little heifer, “Rosie,” who was an orphan calf that he’s been looking after for the summer. Aaron Bujold, meanwhile, practised with his calf three times a day and it performed perfectly.
Darby Steele showed another one of our heifer calves and was tickled pink on how well “Dash” behaved while Katie Hay showed a sharp-looking heifer from the Zimmerman Farm.
(If I missed anyone, I’m sorry–I was so busy concentrating on Maddie that I hardly knew what was going on beside me).
The open beef show went quite smoothly and we didn’t have to battle the rain, just the heat. Friday night was when things got scary as we had quite a storm blow in just as I was ready to pack up and leave the cows for the night.
Once the rain came pounding and the wind picked up, I didn’t want to leave my cows, so I waited it out.
It was raining so hard it was flooding the barn while the lightning was so bright and intense, it lit up the entire fairgrounds. Luckily, the stock car races were over, but the challenging part was getting the vehicle out of the greasy track.
Things calmed down some and I headed home.
Then Saturday morning was another early one since Damien is in 4-H and had three animals to get ready for 9 a.m. We got his heifer bathed and then it started to rain, so his cow/calf had to settle for a bit of a sponge bath and the hair blower.
The 4-H show started and we had finished two classes when the rain came again. We postponed for about 20 minutes but we ended up finishing up—in a very wet show ring.
The steers and heifers all behaved very well and I was proud of all of our 4-Hers for doing such a great job. It was a very nice compliment to hear from our judge on how amazed he was on what a bunch of fans and spectators we have for our show.
Thanks to all of our family and friends for coming and watching us drag our animals around in a circle (even when the weather wasn’t so great).
Since the weather continued to be challenging, it was decided we were going to have to set up the 4-H steer auction in the barn. Thanks to all the hands that helped get this organized.
Despite the tight space, the auction went very well.
I cannot even tell you how pleased I was with our auction. The prices were outstanding and I am very thankful that we live in such a great community that supports one another.
• • •
We ended up with more than 100 pictures to choose from for our calendar project. Stay tuned, I think the next couple of weeks we will try and have this all lined up, as well.
It’s just that the cattle sale is this weekend, so we are going from one crazy event to another!
(I may have to report more on the fall fair later, I just haven’t had enough time to let it all sink in yet).
• • •
We are wet not here at the agricultural research station. We ended up with 67 mm of rain, or 2.68 inches.
It will be a few days before we get to tackle our grain that is ripening up nicely but we were lucky the storm didn’t flatten our grain (that was the other thing I was worried about Friday night).
I’ve heard reports there is some flat grain. I also heard there were places west of here that received more than three inches of rain on Friday night alone.
The next few weeks are going to busy, so we are counting on some decent weather once again.

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