Easter holiday allowed for trip to see new baby

I ventured to Steinbach to meet the new baby for my Easter Monday holiday.
Callen and Stacey seemed to be doing well. Dave (Daddy) is back to work at Deere Country, and soon will be hitting the land as he does a lot of the cropping end on their family’s dairy farm.
Stacey is one of the only mothers I could talk to and relate her experience with calving cows.
She wasn’t offended at all, and actually said she understands now why a first-calf heifer often looks at the calf with complete fright!
• • •
My mom is on Facebook! I don’t even do Facebook, though I do some lurking on my girlfriend’s account.
I was lurking the other day and who did I come across but my mother. She is so much more advanced than me, but she still has dial-up!
For my mom’s sake (and mine when I get roped into helping her), I sure hope that high-speed will become available here sooner than later.
• • •
For those of you who are online, please take the time to log onto www.agcanada.com/content/Cattlmen.aspx
They currently have a contest called “Show and Win,” and are looking for pictures of past and present family members showing cattle.
Murray and R.J. McDonald currently are featured—and they need your votes! So log in and simply select McDonald and help them tally up more votes!
Great job, Murray and R.J., for entering and good luck.
• • •
The weather sure is making it nice to get things done on the farm. For instance, we vaccinated all the cows and yearlings over the weekend.
Normally you have to fight to keep your feet out of the mud, but not this year. It was quite pleasant.
My cows were very happy as after they had their vaccine, I moved them out of the yard and onto some nice hard, dry ground. The calves ran around for 15 minutes since it felt so good to be out of the yard.
Maddie helped move them out, and she couldn’t understand why the next morning some of them came back to the “dirty part!”
• • •
My boyfriend/partner stayed home from catching a few more beaver this past weekend to help farm, although I’m afraid the trade-off might be that I learn to skin a few beaver. . . .
We took Maddie and Marlee fencing with us on Sunday. On one section of the farm the deer really played a lot of havoc. We had missing staples and a bunch of twisted wires.
The girls never once complained about wanting to go home—just a few little fights over who was getting to do the helping jobs and who was making a mess in the fencing buckets.
We spent part of the time looking for deer sheds for their daddy, and elk poop so we could tell daddy.
It was extremely warm in the bush out of the wind, and even though there is still some moisture, you certainly can see the reason for not allowing any open air burning right now.
• • •
I’ve seen many farmers out working their land, which is simply amazing for this time of the year. It looks like I might venture out here at the ag station today (Monday), as well.
I likely won’t have seed until the end of the week and when we are planting research trials, it take two people to seed.
I will hire two summer students, but currently they are writing exams so I don’t want to get into too big of a hurry!
• • •
Thinking of and wishing the Zimmerman family better days as they had to say good-bye to Karl last week.
I hope you can find some comfort in your past memories and your current friendships.

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