EARS visited by OMAFRA officer

We got all our seed cleaned and measured at EARS this past week. The last of the data will be far from good, but it does show you what happens on a late seeded crop, with a not-so-great summer.
I always think it is better for us at EARS to find out the failures rather than you guys on the farm.
We will be cutting our switch and reed canary grass plots today and I still have a bit of tillage work that I hope to tackle this week and then it will be all data from here on.
• • •
In preparation for our last cattle sale of the year at the Stratton Sales Barn, we had a special guest speaker.
Penny Lawlis, Humane Standards Officer from OMAFRA, came and toured our facilities and spoke to the staff about proper cattle handling.
She also had time to tour our new abattoir.
Penny is actually really good friends with Temple Grandin, so we all found that pretty interesting.
We priced Temple a few years ago to come and speak to us and we couldn’t afford her so I guess having a good friend of hers will have to do!
Penny was very impressed with our staff and our facilities so that was a good feather in our cap!
• • •
I need to do an update or a re-visit with age verification.
I will gladly help out the producers with age verification but you need to know a couple of things.
Age verification is a tool for producers that when used properly is a helpful to the beef industry—especially as the cattle enters slaughter.
You need to record your RFID numbers and match them with you calves and management numbers. This way if you lose a tag you can simply cross-reference the tag numbers. Age verification is tagging an animal that is born on your herd of origin. You cannot age verify cattle that have been purchased.
If the cattle purchased have been age verified you can print off a birth certificate for them or if you have recorded their RFID numbers and they lose a tag you can cross-reference a tag.
If you are buying cattle, ask if they have been age verified and explain to the producer that you would like this done.
If you have a purebred animal, you can use their registration papers as a birth certificate.
If you have any questions about this please give me a call or drop in and see me.
If you want me to do some age verification for you, I will but I do need you to sign a third-party agreement so that CCIA will allow me to do this for you!
Along with RFID numbers you need correct birthdates or at least you first date of calving.
Remember this tool is only going to be as good as the information that is put into it!
• • •
My nice little quiet country road had turned into the 401 once again. Busy with hunters now.
There is lots of deer out there so please remember to respect people’s property and livelihoods.
Cattle like to hide out in the edges of bush so remember that there could be other animals or people beyond that deer you are shooting at.
• • •
Hope everyone had fun with Hallowe’en. It was a nice evening for the trick-or-treaters. I only had six but my mom and dad had 12. I guess people were afraid to drive all the way around the corner!
• • •
The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is hosting their Fall Dinner and Annual Meeting this Saturday (Nov. 6) at 6 p.m. at the Stratton Hall.
It will likely be one of the last chances you get to enjoy the cooking skills of Deb and Marg as they are planning to retire at the end of the year!
Get your tickets today from any RRFA Director! (I have tickets too.)

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