Drizzle Creek Daze

It was quite a celebration this past weekend down in Drizzle Creek.
There were so many visitors in town, the dogs were having nervous breakdowns from sniffing strange tires. One blew a kidney just trying to keep his mark dominant on his favourite fire hydrant.
The Legion crew was decked out and it was great seeing them striding up the main drag at the head of the parade. Makes a body proud and grateful for their service.
And the kids. Flocks of them. Shows that the great reputation Drizzle Creek folks have for enjoying sex is alive and well—at least in some homes.
The Pearl and I had so many people knocking on the door we were nearly tempted to open a coffee shop.
When I suggested the idea, the Pearl just rolled her eyes and promised me twenty bucks for the coffee break kitty if I would just deep six the idea. Not sure if she doesn’t want more housework or is afraid I’ll bring some of my scummy acquaintances home.
Anyways, we had a whole table full gathered around the dining room Saturday morning. First American Pie and his wife just up from the great State (according to them) of Boulderado, dropped in.
Then Muffin-Puddin’ Pye’s sister from Hooterville, along with Giggles and Colonel Moeregard arrived and shortly after Percy Sparkling Wine and the Queen of the Bailiwick rolled up to the door.
We all sucked on the coffee pot and told lies of monumental proportions and discussed things senior-like which establishment had the best “early bird” special on this weekend and our latest surgical experiences, including how to maximize the returns on government Medical Travel Grants. A couple more medical problems and we all could double our pension income. Do you suppose trips to the Casinos could be covered under Mental Health Therapy?
“Have another piece of cake,” I offered Giggles as I mindful of the latest warning on my medical from Old Doc Bellicose, I attempted to reduce the inventory of the pantry. Doc has become nearly insufferable on physical fitness since he lost seventy odd pounds.
He was much more tolerable fat. I think I’ll have the Pearl make him up another batch of high-test egg rolls.
“Oh no, I just lost seven pounds,” protested Giggles as she eyed up the proffered plate.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find them soon,” quipped Moeregard and ducked obviously fearful Giggles look might pack a physical wallop.
Amazing how brave he is with that gimpy hip. Maybe the pain meds haven’t worn off yet.
Snarkiness aside, it was great to see all these and other folks in town for our big community party. The Great Beaver Cardboard and Duct Tape Boat Races wrapped up the weekend and then Monday, the Eye Van was in town so we were all running around town with our pupils dilated and our shades on.
We were all blind as bats at least for a few hours. Jaywalking continued at its usual rampant pace.
Tuesday we headed out to return the gene pool to their domain, so once again we’ll have a bit of loose change lying around.
The Pearl will have to take over tickling my feet to roost me out of bed. Hope she doesn’t just decide to swing the broom instead.
We’ll be back in a couple of weeks after completing our yearly peach run. If Pickle and the Runt had made good on their promise to supply me with some nice walleye fillets, I might have considered bringing them a basket back.
As it is I’ll maybe save them some pits.
Enjoy the summer. Winter can’t be far off.

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