Don’t even talk about haying

I don’t even want to talk about haying. I am so disappointed with this summer.
We recorded rain 16 days in July–the first 9 days were beautiful–and that was it. And not once did we reach 30 in July–the warmest temperature we recorded in July at EARS was 25.5 C. The evenings are cool which results in heavy dews. This morning when I got up it was only 7 C.
We only recorded 76.5 mm or three inches of rain in July, but most of it came the last couple of days which likely only screwed up your forage insurance payouts.
The critical cutting date for alfalfa in fast approaching and we are still trying to finish our first cut! (The critical cutting date is Aug. 10/15 till around Sept. 15.)
You should allow the alfalfa plant to rest during this period and store the nutrients for survival through our long winters.
• • •
Susan Irvine has indicated the need to have a work-bee at the Sales Barn this Saturday Aug. 8. The Emo Fair is Aug. 15 and Aug. 22 is the first sale so I understand there is some work that needs to be done.
Please, if you can spare a few hours meet them at the barn at 9 a.m. this Saturday (Aug. 8).
• • •
Thanks to everyone that attended the open house here at the Station. We had a great turn-out.
I really appreciate everyone taking the time to come and see what we are doing.
It is frustrating to research things that will better the district and not have anyone visit!
Big thanks to Jeannette, Trevor and Matt and Shannon for helping make it all happen and hosting such a wonderful BBQ of local food.
• • •
I had a busy long weekend—no, it wasn’t’ because of making hay! My cousin married a very beautiful lady this weekend. Congratulations and best wishes to Greg and Marie Hartlin.
It was a very nice celebration and everyone had a great time.
On Sunday, my mom hosted a wedding shower (at my house) for my cousin, Dr. Stacey.
We lucked out that we could sit outside and enjoy the sun, but the weather didn’t co-operate enough for me to have the grass cut! If you see Ted & Deb Z., be sure to wish them a “Happy Anniversary.” They celebrated 30 years on Monday.
I thought I would try to do something nice for the Z’s, but I ended up getting my fair cows in and practicing with Maddie. I’ll maybe schedule something nice for them after the fair!
• • •
Yes, this is the last week before the very busy and crazy Emo Fair week! My list is long and my time is short. I am not sure why I put myself through this, but it seems to be something that I grew up with and would miss.
I am planning to drag along eight animals to the fair and exhibit a few things in the Exhibition Hall. The 4-H Beef Clubs are finishing up their projects now.
The cattle will be getting baths and haircuts in preparation for their achievement days.
We are excited to have a new 4-H Class this year; it is a two year old previous 4-H heifer with their calf at side.
Just a reminder again that the steer auction will be held on Saturday, Aug. 15 at 4 p.m.
Again, if you are interested in buying a steer but not necessarily the whole steer—we would be happy to take your names and find someone else that might be interested in this as well. Just let myself or Jason Teeple know.
Also, for $2.00, get your name on a ticket and you could win some of this great beef.
Both the Rainy River District 4-H Association and the Rainy River Hereford Association have tickets for sale!

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