Dog-sitters real tough to find here

I ventured off to Steinbach over the weekend. Luckily, my boyfriend/partner agreed to stay home and dog sit.
I was in a dilemma; I either was going to have to stay home or take my dog with me. My mom and dad (the usual babysitter’s) were going to Steinbach, as well, but they were not worried about their dog, Kloee, at all.
It was my cousin’s wedding social and we had to venture out (it was a bit of a family vacation—me, mom, dad, and my brother and his wife all in the same vehicle and motel room).
I mentioned my predicament in trying to find a sitter for my dog at a meeting the other night and it was funny because someone agreed with me. This fellow made note that when his kids were younger, he would drop them off anywhere, but not so with his dog!
We had heard they had some neat prizes for the wedding social and on the way out, my dad decided he really wanted to win the John Deere bike even though we really didn’t need another bike (actually my dad had bought Maddie a bike before she was even born).
So, needless to say, a few penny table tickets later, we came home with the new John Deere bike (likely the amount we all spent on the penny table tickets, we may have been able to buy the bike).
Maddie had a quick chance to try it out already, and it seemed to pass inspection. She doesn’t know how lucky she is to own a John Deere bike!
• • •
There’s still plenty of water in Manitoba and so we can be reassured that we are not the only ones struggling to get on the land this spring.
The ditches there are still full of water and there are plenty of tractor ruts still showing up from last fall.
Let’s hope things dry up soon. Times are tough, but could be a lot tougher if the crops don’t get planted.
• • •
I missed out on the Stratton fish derby this year—mainly because of my family trip to Steinbach, but also because the snow on the ground Saturday morning didn’t really make me feel like fishing!
I understand attendance may have been down slightly, but they still ended the day with fish to eat, a great meal, and a bunch of prizes.
• • •
Upon my arrival home from Steinbach, my boyfriend/partner was puttering around my yard doing some of the odd jobs on my never-ending list.
He was anxious to head up to the trap-line. I decided I could go with him since I had caught myself a heck of a cold and felt pretty much useless.
We got to the cabin, and he was anxious to venture off and look for a lake. I managed to talk myself out of this venture and rested at the cabin.
He came back before dark, but with no fish so the lake must not have been that good.
We went and tried out another lake the next morning. I didn’t feel like too much of adventure, so it was a quick boat ride and short walk. We just fished from shore.
I did get to reel in a nine-pound trout (normally when I go, we catch nothing at all).
We had a few other bites and lost a trout right at shore when the line was cut on the rock. Still, it was a nice day and pretty calm compared to most of my days. No phone, no company, and beautiful scenery.
Again, it makes me stop and appreciate how lucky we are to live in this district. Our scenery and wildlife is amazing when we stop and take the time to notice it.
• • •
Unfortunately, time didn’t allow Jeannette Cawston, our rural agriculture co-coordinator, to unveil her website project at the RRFA’s spring dinner. Jeannette has been working on the Rainy River Valley website.
You should take the time and visit this site. It is beautiful and once again she has done a great job.
It can be seen at
Jeannette has had numerous successful projects and this is just another one she can add to her list of accomplishments. She also is having an update luncheon next Wednesday (May 27) at noon at the Emo Legion and she welcomes everyone.

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