District stewardship committee welcomes new co-ordinator

The Rainy River District Environmental Stewardship Committee welcomed a new co-ordinator this week.
Dave May has moved into Colin Langford’s position. He was born in Dryden, so he’s just returning to his grassroots.
It will take him a few weeks to become familiar with the area and the people, but I think he is going to fit in very well.
Our meeting was held at “Trailshead,” which formerly was Byrtle and Judy Kozenchenko’s farm. Colin and Trish Neilson are the new owners and they have some very exciting plans for their land.
One of the first events will be the horse endurance ride this fall.
• • •
The Emo Walleye Classic finished up another successful tournament on Saturday! Congratulations to all the teams as you were given some tough weather to contend with (one day cool and wet, the next hot and humid).
Good job to Bill Godin and Ralph Galusha on winning their second EWC title!
In related news, 4-H members served and survived another prime rib dinner on Saturday night, although for the first time in a long time we didn’t sell out (we ended up with 43 unsold tickets).
I liked to mention to everyone that our bill for the prime rib alone is $1,700. The sad part is that our cows walking around at home would never bring you $1,700 so once again it shows that the farmer isn’t the one making money!
I hope you enjoyed the supper if you attended. Special thanks to Susan, who does a wonderful job every year ordering, organizing, and cooking the dinner.
As always, we had a nice bunch of 4-H members, volunteers, and parents helping with the serving and cleaning. Thanks to those who took the time out to help!
• • •
We managed to get a few more tests planted at the Emo Agricultural Research Station again this week (we are slow but steady this year).
A bunch more seed arrived Friday so if the weather co-operates, and the other material needed, we should have those trials in the ground this week.
The trials I’m referring to involve charcoal. We will be incorporating it into our plots and then planting into it.
We are still slightly sticky here, and I have to be careful not to be overly anxious as the compaction definitely will show up later in the plots.
• • •
For those of you who know me, you would know I don’t keep many secrets–I tend to tell everyone everything.
But I did it. I planned a surprise 50th birthday party for my boyfriend/partner this past week and he was really surprised.
Never mind it was extremely hard to keep the party a secret. It was all the things that were difficult to prepare for the party that came along!
I was busy most of the week, and wanted to get my yard all dialed in, but I had to go home from work Friday morning and get the grass cut . . . and it rained on me three times.
Thankfully my dad (despite the fact he had pneumonia) came and helped with his mower. I likely wouldn’t have been able to get it done without his help because Saturday I was busy with the prime rib dinner.
I was up early Saturday morning before I left for the walleye tournament to do some whippering, but I never did completely get that done (I don’t think anyone noticed).
Then on Sunday morning (the day of the party), I wanted to get my cows fed early (yes, my poor cows are still eating hay because I’ve neglected to take the time to get them off to pasture) so that I could get cooking and organizing (I even planted flowers that morning).
Of course, in my rush, I got the tractor stuck. I had a bit of a breakdown and I just keep thinking, “I don’t have time for a stuck tractor” (I guess it would have been something to talk about at the party because it was right behind my house!)
Fortunately, my boyfriend/partner was still home and he calmly told me, “Don’t worry, we can get it out with the other tractor!”
I had visions of having to get a D8 or something, but we did get it.
My boyfriend/partner then left to go fishing for a while (the entire time I was wanting to see the sun shine because I was sure he wouldn’t go fishing in the rain).
But he did (and caught fish)—and came back home to find a yard/house full of people. His family came from Dryden and Winnipeg, and he didn’t know a thing!
So, I really can keep a secret!
Thanks to all my friends and family who help/rescue me as my party planning skills are not that great and I am really not a very good hostess!
And happy 50th birthday to my boyfriend/partner!

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