Youth council completes project

Press Release

The 2017-18 Thunder Bay-Rainy River Constituency Youth Council has completed its main project for its term.
The project is called “Eco Eats” as this year’s chosen theme for the project was environmentally-centered.
The goal of “Eco Eats” is to get the community involved and educated about how local restaurants can be environmentally sustainable.
Members of the council dined at a variety of locations and rated how environmentally conscious each establishment is based on several categories, including the use of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” concept, the use of unnecessary materials, and a general concern for the environment.
The council hopes to see a shift in the way people are thinking about food and where they choose to eat.
They hope to educate the community about what we can do to help save the environment, as well as to help businesses promote environmentally-friendly behaviour.
“I think that this project was an amazing idea!” said local vegan Theo Sancartier.
“We need to do better. Not only as individuals but as businesses, and as members of our community, we have to be willing to participate in more eco-friendly habits if we want to see any change.
“I think this project will help people see that what they are doing and supporting has an impact on our world,” Sancartier added.
“This will act as a wake-up call for everyone to truly see what is going on in communities the world today.
“I know this project will create change, and I am proud to see youth in our community stepping up and taking action.”
The results of the project will be released soon on the council’s social media account.