Young marchers to build drop-in centres

The youngsters of Pikangikum First Nation say they will be joining forces once again to build two drop-in centres in their Northern Ontario community.
About 150 young people from the reserve banded together and earlier this week completed a three-week, 600-km march from the reserve to the Manitoba legislature.
Their goal was to raise awareness of the poor living conditions on the reserve. They also finalized $50,000 in loans and grants which will be used to build the drop-in centres.
Kevin Suggashie, 29, is heading a new recreational council set up to oversee the projects.
“t’s something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time,” he said. “To achieve something like this, it’s good.”
Most of the funding for the centres comes from a $40,000 loan from the Jubilee Fund, an interfaith coalition which provides risk capital to groups which normally wouldn’t be eligible for loans.
The additional $10,000 is a grant from World Vision.