WRRD Lions look back on a year of charitable work

Press release

At its December 2021 meeting the West Rainy River District Lions Club announced updated funding to  various charitable groups across the Rainy River Valley. 

“Financially we have had a couple of strong years with the Pontoon Boat Raffle we hold at the RRWT Tournament in September. Our ticket sales support for that Raffle come from right across the Valley, not just the Rainy River area so we think it is only fair that we support groups right across the Valley” says WRRD Lions president, Richard Trenchard.

Groups receiving funding to date totals $39,701.31. So far this year since July 1, 2021, a number of specifically youth recreational activities include: Stratton Curling, Rainy River Curling, Minor Hockey, Figure Skating, Stratton Early On Soccer, Hannam Park Swimming Dock and RRHS Graduation. Other projects supported were the RR Fix-it-Club, a remote Book Drop for the RR Library to enhance Covid Protection and increase accessibility during this pandemic, The Westend Food Bank operated by the local churches received a grant in support of their work, as did the TBRHSC towards the purchase of a new surgical optical microscope. The Dance Community Center was helped with a donation towards their renovation project. We have also made a major commitment to the RR District 4-H Association to redevelop their facility at the Emo Fairground.

In addition to these local projects the WRRD Lions also donates to the Lions 3M10 District Parade of Green with WRRD Financial support this year directed to the following Canadian groups: Canadian Diabetes Association, Special Olympics of Canada, Lions Foundation of Manitoba & NorthWestern Ontario, Canadian Lions Childhood Cancer Care, CNIB North Region of Ontario, Lions Foundation of Canada for Guide Dogs.

President of the WRRD Lions Richard Trenchard presented the “President’s Award for Exceptional Leadership and Dedicated Service” to Lion Jack Elliott. – Submitted photo

Under the AGCO Licensing regulations all profits raised through Raffles must be distributed to qualifying charitable organizations in Canada.

In addition the WRRD Lions locally provides emergency disaster relief with care baskets for those suffering from unexpected losses from fire, flood, other natural disasters or catastrophic illnesses. The Club also runs an aluminum can recycling program to raise funds and has spent many hours organizing and staffing volunteers at immunization clinics.

“We serve” is the motto of the WRRD Lions and at their Dec meeting, this year they recognized the work of Lion Jack Elliott with the “President’s Award for Exceptional Leadership and Dedicated Service” delivered by Pres Richard Trenchard.

You are invited to come out and get involved helping your community. The WRRD Lions meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at the RR Covenant Church on Atwood Ave, W.