WRRD Lions expands assistance

Press Release

The Lions Clubs motto is ‘We Serve’ and this is how the WRRD Lions Club is serving. Established as sub-club of the Emo and District Lions Club some years ago, the RRBB Lions Club received its own charter a couple of years back. Recently the name change of the Charter approved by Lions Club International became West Rainy River District Lions Club to more accurately reflect the people and communities of the Rainy River District we serve from the Chapple/Morley municipal boundary west to the Ontario/Manitoba provincial boundary.

As a small club with limited membership and resources the WRRD Lions was limited in the amount of service they could provide, but a membership drive earlier this year, followed by a very successful Pontoon Boat Raffle has provided the Club with the member and financial resources needed to expand on their ‘We Serve’ motto.

For example, their Cycling without Age project started earlier in 2019 is now fully funded. We just now need to get out of these COVID-19 restrictions to begin providing outings and community engagement for mobility restricted seniors across our communities. A bursary to help with higher education access has been established. Assistance to youth activities in minor hockey, curling, figure skating, soccer, and baseball are under active consideration. A disaster relief fund has been established to help local residents with immediate help in the event of personal emergencies like a house fire. The WRRD Lions also sends financial support to Lions Childhood Cancer Foundation Inc, The Canadian Diabetes Association, and the The Lions Foundation of Canada (Guide Dogs)

Providing the human and financial resources to programs like these requires substantial volunteer effort. And while Lotteries run under the guidance of the rules of Lottery Licensing Policy Manual (LLPM) of Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario recognize and authourize Lions Clubs to act as charitable fund raisers, the rules are necessarily stringent and complex. Financial accounting, reporting, and insuring funds raised are directed only to eligible causes and organizations requires the WRRD Lions be forthright and open in their operations. It takes a lot of effort from a lot of members.

So if you are interested in the well being of your community, now during this pandemic and into the future, please come and offer a bit of your time and talent. Become part of ‘We Serve”.

WRRD Lions Club regular meeting is every second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm in the Boardroom at the Rainy River Evangelical Covenant Church. Call Secretary Peggy Advent at 807-483-5403, for details to attend or join via Zoom virtual meeting.