Wrestlers put on a show

As the lights dimmed at the Ice for Kids Arena here Sunday afternoon, guest announcer Luke Cawston rolled into the ring to kick off the Canadian Wrestling Federation event sponsored by the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce.
It was impossible for the 100 or so wrestling fans on hand to really know what to expect. The music blared and out walked the “Seeds of Evil,” complete with “Madman” Martin, EZ Ryder, and the Big Kahuna, led by the lovely Ginger Snaps.
After playing mind games with the crowd, Martin, Ryder, and Ginger left the ring to allow the Big Kahuna to defend his North American Wrestling Association Canadian Shoot Fighting Championship against the youngster, the Dark Phantom.
The match started quickly, with both wrestlers throwing their share of arm takedowns and Irish whips.
This seesaw match was hard fought by the Phantom as he tried his best against the Big Kahuna but, unfortunately, the more experienced wrestler got the best of the tenderfoot with a three-count thanks to the ropes.
Dark Rain was up next facing the 225-pound Baron Von Meaner. This match started off on a much slow pace thanks to the many distractions brought up by Von Meaner.
Once he was out of excuses, the Berlin powerhouse relied on his size to outpower Dark Rain. But then, out of nowhere, came strong takedowns mixed with physical tactics by Dark Rain, including the move that ended the match—a nicely-formed swanton drop off the top rope.
The next match had Fort Frances written all over it.
The original Northwestern Ontario champ the “Raw Deal” (who was actually Buck or Two manager Ted DeBenetti) defended his belt against “Sweet Mike Mas-sive” (Nathan McDougall), who was accompanied to the ring by Kahuna.
The match did show some effort on both sides with some signature moves from various World Wrestling Federation stars.
But it ended on a swerve as the guest referee, “Da Chef” Carl Scott, got involved by knocking out “Massive,” enabling “Raw Deal” to get the one-two-three.
Realizing the scam, Kahuna ran in to lay out “Da Chef” before he could escape with DeBenetti.
“Everybody is gunning for a shot at my belt,” DeBenetti said afterwards. “It seems that anyone who faces me gets the raw deal and you can take that to the bank.”
The next match had “Seeds of Evil” member EZ Ryder taking on the youngster, Justin Tyme. EZ Ryder was able to pick up the victory thanks to interference from “Madman” Martin.
Martin was next to face the current NWA Canadian heavyweight champion Spyder. Although he had the help of EZ Ryder and Ginger on the outside, Martin was unable to earn the win.
That didn’t stop the “Seeds of Evil,” who tried to finish off Spyder after the match was over. But they were stopped thanks to two guys who certainly have been having their own troubles with the “Seeds of Evil”—Dark Rain and Justin Tyme.
After a short intermission, it was time for the main event—a six-person Hardcore match which pitted the “Seeds of Evil” (including Ginger) against the team of Justin Tyme, Dark Rain, and Spyder.
After chairs, street signs, and a lot of dirty tricks by the “Seeds of Evil,” the match was almost done but—out of nowhere—came a triple DDT combo by the good guys to seal the win.
“It was a very entertaining event,” said Roberta Oliver, president of the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce. “I would have liked to see a better turnout but it was good for a Sunday afternoon.
“It is nice to see the [FFCC] bringing a different type of event like this to Fort Frances,” she added.