Wood export permit issued

Duane Hicks

Local logging contractors may be shipping some wood to the mill in International Falls in the future.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has granted an export permit for a small volume of pulpwood through Crossroute Sustainable Forest Licence (SFL) contractors.
This wood, which can’t be used in sawmills due to its quality, was offered to all domestic consumers first to confirm there is no Ontario market, Seth Kursman, vice-president of Communications, Sustainability & Government Affairs at Resolute Forest Products, told the Times.
Norbord OSB mill in Barwick is purchasing some of this volume but can’t take it all, he added.
“The purpose is to ensure local contractors have a market for this quality fibre that they produce as part of their logging operations,” Kursman noted.
“This will ensure good utilization of the Crossroute SFL,” he added.
The permit is in place until April 1, 2018.
If domestic markets are found, the permit will be cancelled.
One logging contractor contacted by the Times said they only learned of the export permit on Friday.
And while it’s good there’s potentially an option to sell wood they’ve harvested from the Crossroute Forest to the Packaging Corporation of America, everything’s “still in the early phases.”
They added it all comes down to being able to make a deal with PCA, and they don’t know of any contractors who have made a deal yet.