What am I Passionate About?

Raelle Redford1

Raelle Redford

In 10 years what does your life look like? Are you happy? Are you sad? When does life begin really and when is it over? Well life is a mystery as a 15 year old girl I used to think that as soon as high school ends my life is pretty much over, all the good times will be gone. I was very wrong about that, I’m too young to fall in love and know what it means. I wanted my whole life to be planned out so there wouldn’t be any room for mistakes therefore if no mistakes were made I wouldn’t have any reason not to be successful. If I knew exactly what my future would look like would it really be my future?  a mystery it shall stay well for the most part. While I’m here in this moment I want to rewrite the stars. I want to fall in love but only when the time is right all those heart breaks to come I don’t want it. Before I close my eyes and fall asleep, I say to myself… am I really trying my best? Am I? Well to answer that honestly no I’m not. Tomorrow is a new day. I’m passionate about being a better person even if it takes one day at a time, one step, or even just in one moment, as long as I keep on moving and keep on keeping on. If I fall to my knees don’t help me up first I have to figure out what put me there in the first place. Passion that’s a strong word for someone as young as me to wrap my head around. What I’m passionate about will change over the years whether it’s about baseball, hockey, singing or anything I love to do but one thing that I will never stop being passionate about is being a better person and taking the world down to its feet.
Raelle Redford 
Emo Fair Queen Contestant
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