West Rainy River New Gold Youth Grant

By Jack Elliott
Rainy River Correspondent

Economic Development has many faces. In The Westend of the Rainy River Valley that face is Gajith Jinadasa West End Economic Development Officer for Dawson, Lake of the Woods and Rainy River. Often referred to only as G he has been busy encouraging new projects and helping to guide entrepreneurs through the confusing process of accessing and interpreting various economic development opportunities.

One of these opportunities completed earlier this fall was the West Rainy River New Gold Youth Grant. It was funded by New Gold Inc together with Town of Rainy River, Township of Dawson and Township of Lake of the Woods to promote youth community leaders and entrepreneurs. Its goal was to find the next generation leaders and support their initiatives for sustainable growth.

Senior category grant was won by Taya Hagarty and Mason Kreger for their project idea of hosting a “Youth Sports Camp”. The Camp was held throughout the last week of September, covering a variety of athletic events including high jump, long jump, running etc and was well attended by youth from the region.

A ceremony for the West Rainy River New Gold Youth Grant (L to R)was attended by Gajith Jinadasa (Economic Development Officer – Rainy River,) Martin Kreger (Deputy Mayor, Rainy River), Mason Kreger, Suresh Kalathil, General Manager for New Gold Inc Rainy River, Nicole Perreault (Community Relations Coordinator – New Gold Inc), Michael Dawber (Librarian – Rainy River), Ms. Veldron Vogan (CAO Rainy River), Tyanna Wood, Pat Giles (Town Clerk for Dawson and Lake of the Woods), Kaylee Smith. Taya Hagarty (Missing)

Junior category winner Kaylee Smith was awarded for her entrepreneurial idea of setting up a healthy juice bar in the area, to promote healthy living. Tyanna Wood was awarded for idea of involving youth in painting/decorating mason jars and clay pots and selling garden seeds/plants.

As the pilot year of this grant, it turned out with great results and hopes to grow further with more youth involvement. New Gold Inc continues to support the region in enriching the community and building a sustainable future.