West end still waiting for 911

District residents living west of Alberton still have three seven-digit numbers to choose from in case of an emergency instead of just dialling 911.
Although municipalities have dug into their budgets to prepare for the 911 service, Bell has not provided it as yet.
“Not yet, we’re set up for it,” said Emo Reeve Russ Fortier. “We basically have all our rural areas numbered. They’ve been ready since last fall in Emo.”
La Vallee also is ready for the service, with numbers and street names in place for more than a year now.
“Our big concern with Bell is there is no 911 west of Alberton,” noted La Vallee Reeve Ken McKinnon.
“We’ve had all of our infrastructure in for over a year and all the municipalities right to Rainy River have all their stuff in there and they haven’t put the equipment in,” he argued.
Morley also is playing the waiting game after improving infrastructure for the service.
“There’s a process you have to go through, you can’t just stick numbers in front of houses,” said Morley Reeve Gary Gamsby. “I know other municipalities have gone through similar processes and I know there is a delay in when we expected to get 911 services.”
But Reeve Gamsby remains confident the 911 service is on the way.
“We have three different numbers–fire, ambulance, and police. We still have three to call but when we have 911, we’ll only have to dial one number,” he said.
“My understanding is they’re waiting for the end of their first quarter/beginning of their second. Why, I have no idea,” added Morley clerk Anna Boily.
Bell’s 911 spokesman was not available for comment at press time.