Wedding celebrations mark this past weekend

Travis Belluz and wife, Genevieve were honoured with a wedding celebration at the home of Jim and Glenda Belluz (Travis’s parents) on Sat. (Aug. 5).
Travis and Genevieve were married June 24, in Calgary.
Many friends and family members attended the celebration. Genevieve’s parents were at the event, they travelled from Calgary. Travis and Genevieve make their home in Calgary.
• • •
Jeff Gerley and Jena Simmons were wed on Sat. (Aug. 5), in Fort Frances. Jeff is the son of Steve and Dorothy Gerley. He and his family live in LaVallee for much of Jeff’s growing up years.
• • •
Last week I printed some of the Devlin fishermen that had excelled in the FFCBC, however I didn’t have all the results at that time.
I’ve since received more results regarding a successful fisherman in FFCBC–that being Paul Jewiss (Devlin) and his partner, Mike Graham (FF).
They caught the largest fish on Day 2 weigh-ins at 5.55 lbs. This was the largest fish caught in the three-day tournament, and the second-largest fish caught in any of the previous tournaments.
Jewiss and Graham finished 11th overall in this year’s FFCBC.
Congratulations to you both of your accomplishment.
• • •
Derrick and Missy Nelson have recently purchased Steve and Gayle Richardson’s home in Devlin. Hope you enjoy your new home!
• • •
Les Caul won the July gas draw at DevLynn’s. He took home a cooler.
• • •
The next Emo Legion dance is Aug. 19. The 50/50 draw takes place at the dance. Be sure to purchase a ticket as this draw is always for a large amount of cash.
• • •
Martin, Twila and Thomas Darrah, along with Fern Robson and Tamara Robson drove out to Edmonton to celebrate Monty Robson’s 40th birthday. The family also visited with Sean Robson. A good trip was had by all.
• • •
Robin’s 2¢:
A man was sitting at the breakfast table reading the newspaper when his wife came up behind him and hit him with a cooking pot. “What was that for?” he asked, while rubbing the back of his head.
“That was for the letter I found in your pocket with the name Marylou on it,” she answered.
“But darling,” he said, “I went to the races two weeks ago and Marylou was the name of the horse I bet on.”
His wife believed his explanation and offered her apologies.
Three days later, the man was again sitting at the breakfast table when his wife hit him with an even bigger pan. Unconscious, he slumped against the table.
When he woke up, he asked, “Now, what was that for?”
His wife replied, “Your horse phoned.”