Watercolour artist featured


Anna Busch, a wonderful lady who loves to paint in watercolour, is excited to be the Fine Line Art Gallery’s “Artist of the Month” for June.
Busch currently has many paintings displayed at the gallery, which is located on Mowat Avenue.
“I’ve got scenery, animals, portraits, and flowers,” she noted.
Busch also encourages the public to come out for her open house on Sunday, June 2 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
“Many in the community know me as a registered nurse serving the public at La Verendrye Hospital from 1953-1990,” said Busch.
She then explained how she became involved in her hobby.
“About 12 years ago, Linda Lovisa introduced me to watercolours, and I have had fun with it ever since,” she recalled.
“Wintering in Arizona since retirement gave me lots of time to play, and learn with and from friends who painted.
“While most of my learning has come from books and doing, I have been privileged to attend two week-long workshops with Karlyn Holman in Wisconsin,” added Busch.
“She is a beautiful person who is an internationally-recognized instructor and author.
Busch also stressed it’s “never too late to learn and have fun doing it.”
Although she has a tremor, which makes painting “. . . quite the challenge,” Busch continues to practice.
“I am frequently asked how I can paint when my hands and body shake so much from essential tremor,” she noted.
“My answer is, ‘I get a lot of spiritual help.’”
Busch also wanted to extend special thanks to her husband, Lyle, sons, Jim, Mike, and John, and daughter, Barbara, for their encouragement and positive support.
In related news, Fine Line co-op member Jean Richards noted the “Brown & Earth Tones” spring art exhibit at the gallery runs until the end of May.